Minor children brought to the US against their will (at least nominally–I don’t think all of them were kicking and screaming that they wanted to go back to wherever they were leaving).  What to do with them?

One approach is a simple one:  The law is the law and they should go back where they were brought from.  Another is also simple:  it wasn’t their “fault” so we should give them a pass and let them stay.

Arguments can be made both ways and it’s a subject on which reasonable people may disagree.  This is the kind of thing where reasoned debate, votes to determine popular will, and maybe even finding a middle ground that a large majority of the electorate can live with, could beneficially be applied.

Unfortunately, the world is full of unreasonable people.

Some of the unreasonable arguments.

You hate immigrants!

This conflates illegal immigration with all immigration.  A person can be perfectly comfortable with legal immigrants and still be opposed to illegal immigration.  On the flip side, a person could be entirely comfortable with “illegal immigrants” because they like to exploit cheap labor who are limited in their legal remedies to abuse.

Which of those, exactly hates immigrants?  Think about your answer.

As for me, it goes beyond “some of my best friends”.  If you counted off my five best friends, three of them are immigrants.  My wife is an immigrant.  Two of those four people (at least) were temporarily “illegal” despite good faith efforts on their part due to bad legal advice or paperwork errors.

You racist!

Oh, for the love of Mjolnir, not everybody who disagrees with you is a racist.  You can claim it’s about the “brown people” but if you have ten million people living illegally in the US from one part of the world who share certain physical characteristics and one million from other parts of the world with different physical characteristics, it’s not racist that most of ones notice is going to go to the ones that outnumber the others ten to one.

They’re just trying to escape…

I sympathize.  I do.  But we can’t bring everyone who “wants to escape…” here.  It’s not possible.  Any who are “saved” that way are a drop in the bucket.  You might consider even that to be worth doing and that would actually be a reasonable argument except for one thing:  you could help the same people, and more, by helping them make where they came from better.  You know, a lot of nations have pulled themselves out of abject poverty.  Some without much, if anything, in the way of their own natural resources.  Enough of them have used the same basic pattern that you could almost call it a recipe (I’ve discussed this elsewhere).  It works.  It’s effective.  And it helps far more people than we could ever absorb via immigration.

This illustrates the problem well:

It’s hypocrisy since your ancestors came to America illegally

First off, that’s a short form of a rather more involved argument implied by every invocation of Native Americans on the subject.

Europeans invaded and conquered the Americas.  I make no bones about that.  We won.  They didn’t.  And that’s pretty much how things have been since the dawn of time through most of the world.  We may have decided since then that maybe this isn’t the best way to do things going forward (although that might prove to be a pipe dream–time will tell) but that’s how things were done then.

But when you invoke the European invasion and conquest of the Americas as some kind of argument in favor of illegal immigration you are saying that it is once more an attempted invasion and conquest.  It would then follow that the invaded are justified in treating it as such.  That the illegal immigrants are enemies, foreign invaders, waging a covert war on the US.  And that would also mean that folk supporting them are giving aid and comfort to said foreign invaders.  Treason by a strict Constitutional definition.

Are you sure that’s an argument you want to make?

There are plenty of arguments that can be made on both sides of the issue.  Arguments about tempering law with compassion and mercy without completely dismissing rule of law.  Arguments about the good of the nation and its people–to which our laws have to give precedence if we are to be a nation at all.

But those above are just a sampling of some really stupid arguments to make.

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