Kel Tec P-3AT Repair

One of my primary carry options is my Kel Tec P-3AT.  It’s small size makes it an excellent choice when I need deep concealment.

Unfortunately, a few days ago I was taking the pocket holster containing the gun out of my pocket and discovered that the hammer spring catch was loose in my pocket.  The reason the catch was loose was that the hammer spring had broken.  Sometime since the last time I’d had it at the range, the hammer spring had broken meaning that I had been relying on a paperweight for my personal defense.

Not good.

I call Kel Tec.  They ask me a few questions.   Am I the original owner? (Yes)  Do I have the receipt? (No) They refer me to the web site where I can order parts or request service.

Before I do that, I call the shop where I bought the gun.  Could they print a copy of my original purchase receipt?

No.  The original owner had retired and sold the shop.  Legally that meant the original shop went out of business and a new shop with a new owner started in the same location and having the same inventory.  That meant that all the original records were turned over to the ATF. (And as much as I do not like that–yes, I do have a problem with the government keeping records of who buys what firearms–it is the law currently.)

So I go to Kel Tec and start a support ticket.  I explain the situation, including that I do not have the receipt.  I ask them what they can do for me.

Kel Tec’s representative comes back with two options:  Either they can send me the hammer spring if I’m comfortable doing that (they appended instructions to the support ticket) or I can send the gun back and one of their gunsmiths would do the job for $65 (labor and return shipping).

I ask them so send the spring.  They mail it first class mail and when it arrives I see that it’s not just the spring but an assembly including the hammer, the hammer spring, the hammer spring catch, and the hammer spring pin.

I reassemble the gun and by turning it I can fit the hammer spring catch and pin assembly down the mag well so I don’t have to disassemble the subassembly in order to install it in the gun.  I need to grab the assembly with pliers and pull it out far enough to seat it in its place.  I probably could have done it a better way but I got impatient.  The pliers did mar the plastic of the hammer spring catch a bit but it’s a carry gun, not a show piece.  I’m not worried about a bit of cosmetic marring on that piece.

And the gun is all assembled.  Dry fire function test.  And I’ll test it out when I next I go to the range.

All in all, I am very happy with Kel Tec’s customer service.  They were willing to ship me the part I needed free of charge even though I could not show that I qualified for “original owner” warranty service.

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