New Book up and Available

A bit of fiddling was necessary with the cover, but the new book is now up and available.

$0.99 in Kindle Store. Free to read on Kindle Unlimited.

Three tales, each giving a different view of the God of Thunder:

Donner Rothskegg:  When a struggling family man is mugged on his way home, a homeless drifter saves him.  Strangeness follows this drifter who proves to be more than he at first appears.

In the Hall of the Giant:  Thor and Loki journey to Jötunheim, the land of the giants.  There, Thor faces his most difficult challenge, and his most implacable foe.

God of Thunder: In the waning days of the Viking colonies on Greenland, a young warrior follows Skraelings, raiders from the icy waste even further to the north, that had been attacking their village.  He finds something even stranger and more terrifying and discovers the truth of the old stories.

14 thoughts on “New Book up and Available”

  1. Are these retellings of the lore or are they your own creation? There was something you posted an excerpt from a while back that really interested me, so I’m watching for it.


    1. This is that book. “Donner Rothskegg” (Donner, as I’m sure you’re aware, is an alternate name for Thor. “Rothskegg” means “Red beard”) is an urban fantasy with Norse and Native American themes set in the modern day. “In the Hall of the Giant” is an adaptation of Thor’s journey to Jotunheim. “God of Thunder” is a period piece (science fiction rather than myth of fantasy, well, you’ll see) set in the waning days of the Greenland colony.


      1. Great! Thank you! I thought it was the one with Donner. I know the name, since I live in Germany. 😉 Speaking of which, is it available in Germany? I’m only able to purchase ebooks on


      2. Ah, I got the collection and I wondered if “God Of Thunder” was meant to be SF.

        Good read and I’ll remember to review it.


      1. I’ll have to try to find a way to get it. Normally, I buy paper books, so my eBook options are pretty limited, especially with my location.


        1. Eventually, when I’ve got enough of them, I plan to combine my various shorts to put out a paper version. Mostly that just serves to give me something to hand-sell at cons but a few end up in the hands of people who have issues with ebooks.

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          1. No problem. Once I finish reading, I’ll upload my review. I’m through with the first story. It was actually pretty good for a short story. ☺


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