Well, that didn’t last.

The “shutdown”, which had so many people in a panic, lasted three days.

It was ridiculous to begin with.  “Deal with DACA*” they screamed, insisting it be dealt with in the spending bill or they’d vote against it and shut down the government.  Well, the Republicans said “no” and the Democrats voted against it and shut down the government.

Even before the final vote was held, the Democrats’ media machine was in action, shifting the blame to the Republicans.  Attempting to shift the blame.  The big argument that I saw was “Republicans have control of the House, the Senate, and the White House, of course they are responsible for this.”

Only that argument didn’t have “legs”. While the talking heads at the major news media might not mention it there were entirely too many people in alternative media pointing out that in the Senate it would take 60 to pass the bill, but only 41 to stop it.  44 Democrats voted against it.  There was nothing except giving in to Democrat demands that the Republicans could do to pass the bill.

There was no immediate hurry to deal with DACA.  There’s time before it expires for Congress to debate and pass a bill on it.  They could have passed this bill and taken up DACA separately.  Instead, 44 Democrats decided to hold government employees, military men and women, and American citizens hostage to their demands for special consideration for non-citizens in this country illegally.

Back in 2013 there was another government shutdown.  Again, the Democrats and the major news media blamed the Republicans for it–with a far easier “sell” than on this one.  They gloated about how they’d made the Republicans look foolish, and taken them down a peg politically.

In 2014 the Republicans not only kept control of the House but took control of the Senate.

The big polls might have been saying one thing but folk who didn’t want to believe them simply looked at them and remarked that these are the same polling organizations that gave Hillary a 98% chance of winning the Presidency, usually with a large electoral college victory (so they weren’t just looking at the popular vote).

So the Democrats came up with a “compromise”–“we’ll pass a continuing resolution if you’re agree to take up DACA as a separate issue”–which the Republicans were willing to do from the start.  But it let them at least claim to have “won” something from their showboating.

I had friends who were going to be materially harmed by the shutdown if it continued.  I certainly winced over that and looked for ways I could help.  But for the shutdown itself, I was kicking back with snacks to watch.

Never interrupt your opponent when he’s making an unforced error.  Gloat, yes, but don’t interrupt.

*Oh, I’ve come to the conclusion that “DACA” actually stands for “Democrats against Citizens of America”.  This shutdown was the clincher.  Prioritizing non-citizens illegally in this country (whether it was of their own choosing or not does not change that) over US citizens and especially those who have pledged their lives in the nation’s service tells me that it is not America and Americans that are uppermost in their concerns.

2 thoughts on “Well, that didn’t last.”

  1. Yes to your DACA. I can just see a big sign:

    Citizens of

    wish I could have joined some protests with that sign.
    There will be funding for the Wall, there will be an end to chain immigration, there will be an end to lottery immigration.
    There might be some amnesty for some non-criminal DACA folk. Their last “deferred action” date is March, so the final push comes then. No deal with Trump & Reps, no more legality of deferral from their illegal status.


  2. I like the DACA translation.

    When I hear the phrase “Government Shutdown”, I instinctively think, “sounds good.”

    In 2013, my aunt was affected. Hers was one of the “non-essential” functions. I love my aunt, but if she’s providing a non-essential service, then tax dollars don’t need to be funding her paycheck. I may not mind pitching in for her paycheck, but for the millions of tax-paying citizens that have no connection to her, that’s just wrong.

    Both shutdowns happened because Democrats were pitching a fit, as they wanted to f*** over citizens, and couldn’t get their way.


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