This and That Today

Just some assorted scattered bits for today.

It’s been more than a month now that I’ve been on the APAP. I _should_ have received a replacement nose pillow for my APAP but I haven’t so I called. Turns out billing is shown as “pending”. This appears to be just a paperwork hold up and the existing component seems to be working okay still so no great crisis, just something to keep an eye on. According to the folk at Lincare, there isn’t a problem, just a paperwork delay. I want to be clear on that.

I don’t know if it’s the APAP or other stuff, but I’ve been burning up the keyboard on my writing, cranking down on finishing up the first draft of Alchemy of Shadows (other WIPS set aside while I bear down on finishing this one). Generally 2-3,000 words a day which is simply phenomenal considering my earlier productivity. This one’s going to be rather short as novels go, probably on the order of 60,000-65,000 words as Word counts them (75-80,000 using the “traditional” method).

Over on FaceBook had someone bleating the “Confiscation is wrong, we just want reasonable gun control” “Reasonable” like “universal background checks, requiring individual sellers to maintain records of personal sales for X years, ID like Illinois’ FOID, expanded background checks” yadda yadda yadd.

I kind of lost my temper:

Bullshit, (Name withheld to protect everyone). All this “reasonable compromise” and “common sense gun control” is nothing more than another step toward the eventual goal of complete prohibition. I know it. The readers here know it. And you know it however much you may want to deny it. The only question is whether you’re lying to us or to yourself when you say otherwise.

No level short of that will ever satisfy the gun grabbers. Ever. Every single time they’ve said “we just want this reasonable little common-sense restriction and then we’ll leave you alone” they lied. Every. Single. Time.

None of the restrictions they’ve ever passed have worked for their stated goal. None. Yet they continue to double down swearing “this time for sure…” They do it knowing it won’t have the effect they claim. But they keep doing it so their must be some benefit that they’re getting that remains unstated. And pretty much everybody here knows what that benefit is. You just object to people saying it.

But sometimes, in unguarded moments, you can get them to state what they actually want, times like these:

Well I, for one, have had enough and if you can’t deal with that truth bomb, you know where the unfriend and block buttons are.

It’s been about a week on my program of cardio exercises.  My BP (even with the aggravation) is down.  The cuff I have reads high compared to what I got at the doctor’s office, but I figure I can track trends with it even if the absolute numbers are off.

Don’t know about weight (will see next time I’m at the Dr.’s office).  Still stress-eating which may well counter any improvement from the exercise.  Still, all in all, progress.

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