Training for Armed Teachers.

So Florida now allows (at the local Sheriff’s option) teachers to be armed in schools if they complete 132 hours of training.

This is utterly and completely ridiculous. Teachers armed to defend themselves and their students do not need to be SEALs or SWAT or even Air Force security specialists. Being armed for defense of self and others around you is a far simpler tactical problem.

They don’t have to go breaking into a room where the “bad guy” is, identify him out of a chaotic mix of the bad guy and the people he’s threatening. They don’t have to learn to do dynamic entry through a door, minimizing their own exposure in that vulnerable moment all while trying to find a bad guy whose location they don’t know, discriminate him from victims, get a clear shot, and pray they don’t make a mistake.

But the problems that require all that training?  They’re the attacker’s problems, not the defender’s.  Nobody who knows anything about the subject suggests the teachers go hunting the bad guy.  What they advise is have the teachers hunker down with their students, ready to defend them if and when the attacker comes to them.

Armed teachers, unlike police coming from the outside, wouldn’t have to do a dynamic entry. They wouldn’t have to do any kind of entry. They’d already be there. What armed teachers would do is give the attacker all the problems that folk like SEALS, SWAT, HRT, and others need all that training to deal with. The attacker is now the one who has to make the dynamic entry, identify and locate the “threat” that the armed defender represents, and do it before said defender–who’s already in place and covering that entrance–can shoot him.

And he has to do it every. single. time. he makes an entry because he doesn’t know who is or is not armed. The mere possibility that someone might be armed means he has to take extra precautions every time he goes through a door. He has to assume every classroom he enters is “hot”. At the very least this slows him down and reduces the number of casualties before the police finally do show up. Best case the attacker runs into the armed teacher at the start and the only casualty is the attacker.

Actually, that’s not true. Best case is that they decide not to attack after all because they aren’t looking for a fight. They’re looking for sitting ducks.

All the teachers need in this situation is basic marksmanship sufficient to hit a torso sized target at a distance of 20-30 feet (from across the room, basically), Jeff Cooper’s four rules, and basic “when is it okay to shoot” training which amounts to reasonable fear of death or serious bodily injury (which generally comes down to identifying expressed intent, ability, and opportunity to cause that harm). That’s it. Any basic CCW training course is more than adequate.

One thought on “Training for Armed Teachers.”

  1. Agreed. Some basic training should be adequate for having armed teachers and campus employees, but there’s no reason why they shouldn’t pursue additional training if they desire it. No harm in that. Making it mandatory to acquire such extensive training just makes it more complicated and discouraging for teachers to meet requirements for defending themselves and their students. Stupid. But I suppose letting them do so at all is better than nothing.


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