Model tryouts

No, not for me.  I know what I look like.  For my daughter.

A couple of months ago, we were in one of the local malls and saw a stand advertising tryouts for modeling.  Well, okay.  I was immediately suspicious–the way to bet on such things is that they’re scams.  My daughter wanted to do it, though and I decided that we’d give it a try and I’d keep a close eye out for the “hook”.  Filled out the form and dropped it in the box.

A week ago, we got a text back.  We’d been selected for the tryouts.  My daughter was ecstatic and then bounced down to panicky.  It’s okay, I reminded her.  The worst that happens is they say “no” (because I was going to keep a close eye out for the trap).  I do remind her that it’s still most likely some form of scam but we can at least go along far enough to see.

So, we make the appointment.  Saturday at 1:00.

We get down there and we see that they’ve set up a short runway and a little audience area out in front of it.  And my daughter panics.  Oh, no!  She can’t get out there in front of all those people. (I’m silently like “Hello.  Modeling.”) I tell her that I won’t force her, but I would encourage her (wanting to teach her to overcome her fears).  I see that the forms for applying say there are three things–runway, photo shoots, and “talent” and the applicant can choose one or more of them to participate in–and I suggest she ask and see if she can just do the part she is comfortable with.

We talk to the person in charge, no, my daughter has to do the “runway” and “talent” portion (which can be singing, acting, or reciting a bit of “ad copy” as though doing an advertisement) and if chosen will then go on to do a photo shoot.  Athena at this point chooses the ad copy one and so we wait for her turn.

Before that there’s a big rah-rah meeting of the person running this with the hopefuls.  Among other things they show select pictures of people who’ve been successful before. (My daughter’sthinking this is a good sign as in “see they’ve had successes before”. I’m thinking more “trying to get people emotional and willing to take the bait”–chumming the water as it were.)

When she has her turn, it doesn’t go well.  She forgets her line and…well, it doesn’t go will.  She is, however, offered a chance to come back for a re-try.

And the re-try was tonight.  Athena nailed her lines and did quite well on the runway portion (compared to her previous and to the other “contestants”).  And yes, she “passed.”

So we go to see what the next step was.

And there it was, the hook.

In order to proceed we had to agree to a photo session with their photographer.  I had a CD with me with photos from the last set done with Oleg Volk–a professional photographer whose work has appeared in a number of places. “Oh, no, that isn’t good enough.  We need paper.” (You don’t have access to a printer?) “We need…”

You know, if I were in a better place, I might have gone ahead and done the photo shoot just for the hellofit.  Yeah, the price was high, but for my daughter’s sake she’d at least have the photos and the memory.

But there would be no “modeling.” The fact that they were requiring we use, and pay, their photographer, and pay their rates ($300 for a “three outfit” session, in which we provide the outfits) told me that’s where they’re making their money, not commissions on getting gigs for models/talent.


In any case, here she is:



2 thoughts on “Model tryouts”

  1. If it was Pulse, they are legit. My oldest daughter was scouted at a music festival some years ago now. She did their shoot & we have a great set of portfolio shots. She did some work for them, but it required a little more travel than we could afford. She did some shoots for a local hair salon & photographer. She got scouted again when she was in Tokyo, but was married & doing an internship on sustainable farming.


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