I’m seeing people marching, begging the government to strip them of basic human rights.  It brought to mind this poem I jotted down some years back in another incident where those in power chose to strip us of the right of individual choice offering the illusory promise of security.  It’s something I knocked off rather quickly, without worrying too much about tight scansion and rhyme, but it does express my feelings on the matter.

David L. Burkhead

©2010 David L. Burkhead, all rights reserved.

Wear your chains lightly, about neck and legs and wrists.
They are not so heavy these chains, not now anyway.
But chains they remain.

Dress up your chains in fine designs and smith-wrought filigree
Paint them gold and call them gorgeous jewelry.
But chains they remain.

Exhort others to share your chains, every man and woman and child.
For how could they be chains, if shared all equally?
But chains they remain.

Raise your voice in anger, at those who deplore your chains.
Say they are not chains you’ve taken on willingly.
But chains they remain.

Take pride in your chains.  Stud them with rhinestones.  Polish them with care.
Rejoice in your chains, in raucous revelry.
But chains are not for me.

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