Haul from the Indy 1500 Gun and Knife Show

I was helping a friend run his booth at the show today.  Among other things, it got me comped admission and parking. (Plus the fact that I got to hang with my friend and talk about cool stuff.)

And, well, my daughter and I did some shopping.

One of the things my daughter wanted was a revolver.  After some looking around she selected this one, a single-action six shot revolver in .22 LR.

SA 22 Revolver

While we were doing the paperwork on that one, I said to the vendor. “I’ve been looking for a High Power, would you by any chance have one?”

As luck would have it, he did.  A Hungarian made, surplus High Power, with three magazines:

High Power

Next thing my daughter wanted was another rifle (I think I’ve created a monster) to add to the AR pattern rifle and the Remington Model 12 she has.  We found this one, a bolt action “Glenfield Model 25” (made by Marlin).


And it’s a gun and knife show and we did not go empty handed when it came to blades.

First, we picked up a katana we had on layaway with my friend the vendor:

Katana 1.jpg

The blade had been “stained” in a way that really brings out the layers of the pattern-welded carbon steel:

Katana 2.jpg

In addition, my daughter picked up a replica of a Chinese sword from the warring states period:

And, finally, after first looking at a cute little folder, my daughter once again fell in love with this fixed blade knife:


She particularly liked the “rough finish” of the blade.

You’ll notice there was a lot of “my daughter this” and “my daughter that” here.  The only thing there chosen what I specifically wanted was the High Power.  But you know what?  I’m happy with that.

3 thoughts on “Haul from the Indy 1500 Gun and Knife Show”

  1. The FEG Hi-Power is a good choice, assuming it hasn’t been damaged by a previous owner. I like the slightly extended safety lever. Those 13-rd Mec-Gar magazines are excellent as well. The Mec-Gar presents the top round a bit more in line with the bore than other magazines. I have found Mec-Gar is the way to go, esp with hollow points and a Mk I hump-style feed ramp. I’ve removed the magazine safety to improve trigger pull, but even better was installing the Cylinder and Slide combat trigger. The wider trigger blade does not reduce the trigger weight, but it does reduce the felt effort. The Stephen A Camp website has lots of info. https://hipowersandhandguns.com/

    I had a late 70’s production Marlin 22 bolt action not dissimilar to your Glenfield. I used tip-off scope rings, but the receiver grooves were not really deep enough. I ended up using Lock Tite in the grooves. Rimfire Central has tips to improve trigger function and lots of trouble shooting info.


  2. You and Athena have sounded like you are happy and having fun for the last few weeks and I am very glad for you both! I`m still in Missouri, NOT having much fun. Funeral for my FIL was yesterday.


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