Origins and the Social Justice Bullies

I learned yesterday that my friend Larry Correia was to be a guest of honor at the Origins Gaming Fair.  In addition to being a friend he’s also one of my favorite authors.

Since Origins was being held in Columbus, OH and just close enough that I could consider a day trip, this would have been a good opportunity to catch up with my friend and maybe get some books signed.

Only before I could run the numbers (gas, day pass membership, meals, some pocket money for myself and my daughter for the event, that sort of thing) an announcement comes up on FaceBook that, because some individuals raised a stink, Larry was “disinvited” via the following post on FaceBook:

I want to discuss our invitation to Larry Correia a guest at Origins. By all counts he is a very talented author.

Unfortunately, when he was recommended I was unaware of some personal views that are specifically unaligned with the philosophy of our show and the organization.

I want to thank those of you who brought this error to our attention.  Origins is an inclusive and family friendly event.  We focus on fun and gaming, not discourse and controversy.

I felt it necessary to recend his invitation to participate in the show.  I apologize again to those of you who were looking forward to seeing him at Origins.

John Ward, Executive Director

As somebody who was seriously considering going precisely because Larry was going to be there, apology not accepted.  You see, I know Larry so I know some things you didn’t mention.  I know that you did not speak to Larry about the accusations.  You did not get his side of the story.  You took the unsupported words of some Internet Howler Monkeys, posted the “recend” notice online (where Larry saw it before he saw the email disinviting him).

The best that could be said about the people oh so worried about Larry’s presence is that they were uncritically repeating lies told about him.  Yes, lies.

Larry is not racist, homophobic, or misogynist.  And despite what certain people of low character have claimed, he is not a rape apologist. (Suggesting that it might be a good idea for women to be able to defend themselves against those who would do them harm–and actually teaching them to do so–is no more “rape apologist” than teaching “defensive driving” and the wearing of seatbelts makes one a “traffic accident apologist.”)

A campaign of lies, libel, and outright bullying has been levied against my friend.  And I, for one, am sick of it.

Their inclusiveness is only the shallow “inclusiveness” of skin color and plumbing and how one is inclined to connect up that plumbing.  Any real diversity of thought or opinion must, to these people, be crushed and silenced.

In the words of a fictional character who, nevertheless, has more wisdom in his left pinkie toe than any dozen of these Social Justice Bullies combined. “When you tear out a man’s tongue you do not prove him a liar.  You only show the world that you fear what he might say.”

That’s why they want to silence Larry, they fear that he can make his case better than they can for their ideas cannot hold up to scrutiny or comparison.  It is only by silencing dissent that they can push their views.

Fortunately, his continuing to amass royalties, the readership of his blog, his voice on social media, echoed far and wide show that he’s in no danger of being silenced.

The Social Justice Bullies only show themselves to be petty and fearful.

On the other hand, there was this mailing from the folk putting on Origins:

Hello Exhibitors

GAMA is releasing a few rooms to the public for Origins 2018. If you are looking for some rooms, you can try; Courtyard, Renaissance, and Holiday Inn. Just reach out to the hotel and reserve the space!

Can’t wait to see everyone next month!

I’m sure there’s no connection whatsoever.  Mind you, there is a connection to one exhibitor (also a friend of mine) who basically said “I’m done.  I want my money back,” over this.


9 thoughts on “Origins and the Social Justice Bullies”

  1. “Puritanism – The haunting fear that someone, somewhere is having a good time.” -H. L. Mencken. The political Left is Puritan in that regard – they’re not having any fun, so they don’t want anyone else having fun, either. I just explained this on Quora as well – why gun control is a political issue (to someone who is pro-gun and carries daily.)

    The sad thing is, people cave to these “Internet Howler Monkeys” (I like that. May I borrow?) which merely emboldens and perpetuates their asininity. If we started giving them the attention they rightly deserve – none – and quit listening to their whining (as we would stop listening to a child and stop paying attention to their tantrum – for that’s exactly what they are – overgrown children pitching hissy fits…) then there’s a good chance they’ll dry up and blow away.

    We just need to have organizers grow spines and testicles, so they can decide to put in earplugs and quit listening to the whining and crying, fists pounding on the floor, writhing about three-year-old “I DON’T WANNA!” tantrums. The fact that people have been caving to them for years is why they keep doing it.

    And we’re stupid to keep caving. STOP IT.

    Endeth the sermon.


  2. Origins has shot itself in the leg, and nicked the Femoral Artery. Unless they take some drastic measures, they will bleed out. Maybe not this year, maybe not next year, but they WILL bleed out. And they have no one to blame but themselves.


  3. Mad Mike likely has the best shot at legal recourse, IMO. I’d like to see more vendors pulling out, but won’t hold my breath. And while ILoH has said not to go after the vendors in any type of protest over this, I think any vendors that do stay this year should be watched closely on future conduct. And especially any that attend in the following years anything that GAMA is involved with are fair game. If they are supporting GAMA after such dishonorable actions, they don’t deserve to be supported by us consumers.


  4. I’m on the committee working on a Code of Conduct for Loscon.
    I’m tempted to start pushing for a rule that people who go into “Internet Howler Monkey” mode over any invited guest are barred from attending the con that year.

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    1. Do it. These people do this kind of thing because they can get away with it. They suffer no negative consequences. Besides, most of the IHMs aren’t actually going to attend anyway, so it’s not like you’re out anything from banning them.

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    2. Do it. We should not coddle tantrums in children, why should it be any different for adults? Let them scream their little lungs out and beat their little fists on the ground all they want – I’m stick of the tyranny of the minority…

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