Happy (or not as you prefer) World Goth Day


For those unfamiliar, here’s a brief history of Goths, the Gothic subculture and why “Goth”  even though they, we, were nowhere about when Rome was being sacked. (I’ve got an alibi!)

And some pictures of Goths, being Goth (what can I say, I like couples):

If this interests you, Toxic Tears has some tips on getting started:

2 thoughts on “Happy (or not as you prefer) World Goth Day”

  1. This is, curiously, something I was aware of for some time, due to stuff that happened ages ago in Real Life and stuff that happened in Second Life (and has moved to yet another venue now…) Early this week I took delivery of some soaps, each named after some goth tune (I might have even been the/a trigger event for the one ‘Devils in the Chemicals’ – which happens to include a bit of zinc sulphide for that glow…) and a World Goth Day (logo) washcloth. If anyone is interested, the source is Beautiful Freak Cosmetics and the person running it could use the business, aye.


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