Awards day at Dance Legacy.

My daughter has been in ballet since this past, October I think.  In March the class she’s in was in a big competition.  Today, Athena collected her awards for that:


The trophy was for a competition that, unfortunately, Athena did not attend. (Miscommunication so I didn’t get her there.) The plaque sitting on top of it is for the competition she did.  That one goes to the school.  The medal she’s wearing is her personal award, along with a pin.  She’s wearing the costume she wore for the competition.

Here’s the video I took of the ceremony:

Going into the Summer session, Athena will be continuing Beginning Ballet, on Tuesday nights now, with a later additional session called “Pre-Pointe”.  She’s really enjoying it, at least for now.  Mind you, I can remember plenty of other things she was really excited about in the past and perhaps this, too, shall pass but for now I’ll let her see where she wants to, and can, go with it.


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