Athena’s 8th grade graduation

The ceremony was yesterday, but between my computer and the connection uploading videos is glacial so here it is today.

Athena filing in.  They kids were left pretty open in what they could wear here on the last day of school.  Athena chose to wear one of her Japanese yukata for the day.

I did a quick sweep with the video camera to show the size of the venu and the number of people present.  I was stainding at the end here because by the time I got inside there was no more seating and, indeed, the standing room at the back of the hall was already full.

They had the usual speeches.  Some eye-rollingly political.  Then, finally, they started having the kids come up to accept their 8th grade diplomas.

I didn’t record the whole thing, just the beginning to a bit after Athena selected hers.  She is decidedly unimpressed. (Actually, she started a new ballet class they day before and was still quite sore from that.)

That evening, after Athena changed (She didn’t want to risk getting her yukata dirty), we went out for a celebratory dinner.  Any place Athena wanted to go.

She chose IHOP.


Stuffed French Toast topped with glazed strawberries.

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