What’s happening with this site.

Just checked the “Alexa” ranking for my blog for the first time in several months. Running around seven million. Previously ran about 2-3 million. Note that that’s a rank, how far down it is in the list of “most popular websites”.  So, basically, traffic is tanking compared to everybody else out there.

I too a look at WordPress stats to see a little more detail, traffic has been falling off since about February of this year. From when I started the new blog in May of 2017 through February of this year I mostly ran 5-10 thousand visitors a month, with a few spikes when some particular post took off (generally related to “Instalanches” and once when Milo Yiannopoulos shared one of my posts). Hard to see, given the level of granularity and the random variation, but the trend seemed to be upward.  Then, March, April, and May of 2018 all had number of visitors near the bottom end of the range from previously, wiping out any gains in readership. Then, starting in June 20018) things really tanked starting in June with 1000 visitors, <800 in July , and (so far) <500 in August.

In addition to FaceBook, I am on Minds and Mewe–and I link my blog posts on both of them–but the problem is that most of the people are still on FaceBook so that is where I get most of the traffic I do get.  I get a handful of hits from a variety of sites that have linked one or more of my pages (although mostly they come to “Nobody wants to take your guns?”

Facebook has recently killed the automatic posting from WordPress and Twitter so I have to manually link to them on FB (as well as Minds and Mewe).

I checked my Twitter account. The auto links from my blog are going up there, but scrolling back I don’t see any likes/reshares/comments until I get back to June 25. None. Now I never got many of those but I got a few making that an awfully long dry period, starting right about the time my site hits tanked.

My content has not significantly changed from when I was growing to now.  And, frankly, I don’t think the number of people on the Internet who might have an interest in what I have to say (however few those might be) have decreased.  Nor do I think that the “market” for my mix of things is saturated that people are really having to choose between my blog and someone else’s out there. (If they are, I’d like to know what this other blog is…if it interests my own readers that much to lure them away, it’s probably something I should check out.)

Add in the recent cases of people being blocked/banned on various social media sites and muted on major search engines and questions arise enough to make me wonder if my posts are being suppressed/muted/shadowbanned on social media and by the big search engines.

Mind you, I’m well aware that I’m very small fish in pretty much any game out there.  I’ve generally “flown under the radar” as not having enough audience to draw attention. Nobody bothered to block/ban me because they hardly noticed I was there to begin with.  On the other hand, given “bots” and “scripts” and other wonders of modern automation suppressing even small fish like me might well be, for some people, a worthwhile “allocation of scarce resources that have alternative uses.”

3 thoughts on “What’s happening with this site.”

  1. I just searched “No One Wants To Take Your Guns” on DuckDuckGo and the first time you show up (.blogspot no less) is #42, wordpress didn’t show up in the first 100. If I add “writer in Black” to it, blogspot is #1, but once again the wordpress site isn’t in the first 100.

    Searching “Writer in Black” on DuckDuckGo has your wordpress site #1, your Twitter #2 and blogspot #6. No One Wants To Take Your Guns from the wordpress site is #7 and the post about the Las Vegas shooting #8.


  2. I’ve never had much traffic at my site (except that time that Vox Day linked to one of my posts during SPIII), averaging maybe 30 viewers a month. A couple of weeks ago I had that in one week, which I thought was odd, and then the week after nothing at all for days. What I found most intriguing is that other than the one day I had linked an old post on FB, most of the views were of book reviews, the most popular were for Charlotte MacLeod books.


  3. All pro-gun / pro-Freedom folk are at risk. I would not trust the platforms. So sad.

    Now I support making them into Public Digital Utilities, including a Digital Utilities Commission, so that legal speech does not get censored. My supporting this, gov’t over anti-freedom private, makes me sad.

    Most successful businessmen are, unfortunately, NOT pro-free market.


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