Love Trumping Hate…

Seems to involve a lot more death wishing than I would have thought.  I saw it in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting.  I saw it after the Houston flooding.  It’s been a constant refrain throughout what passes for political discourse these days.

And I’m seeing it regarding Hurricane Florence:


Someone’s going to have to come up with a really good explanation if you want to show that their calling us intolerant isn’t pure projection on their part.

7 thoughts on “Love Trumping Hate…”

  1. Are these the same people (or at least their soulmates) who lamented that 9-11 was in New York, which voted for Gore, rather than raining destruction somewhere that voted for Bush?

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  2. I was actually kind of amused by the proclamation that it was a sign of God’s wrath, by “Debbie Downer”.

    Many leftists don’t believe in God and likely haven’t read more than small out-of-context snippets of the Bible to support their anti-Christian bigotry, but are suddenly experts on His will.

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  3. When some hurricane allegedly hit primarily the ‘red’ counties in Florida, there was a claim of how God/nature/whatever was against such. My counter is that it was simply proof that the ‘blue’ regions were really and truly full of blowhards….


  4. I was not aware that hillbillies live in coastal regions. Learn something new every day.

    New Bern, Myrtle… all loaded with Yankee retirees from the blue states, so maybe there’s something to this “smiting the wicked” thing after all.


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