Are We Finally Near the End?

I hope so.  The “confirmation hearings” have been a farce from the beginning.  Nobody was going to change their vote on confirmation based on what anyone said there.  Sitting on accusations until after the hearings were ostensibly over was nothing more than a stalling tactic.   Bringing up new accusations serially, rather than together is a nice try to continue stretching things out.  And oh, this is rich, a person who couldn’t go to DC to testify on Monday because she’s afraid to fly has over 100,000 frequent flyer miles?  Is Contempt of Congress not a thing any more?

And calls for an FBI investigation?  He’s already undergone at least six in the process of getting security clearances.  And in those they go back and talk to teachers, classmates, neighbors in places you grew up in.  Nobody mentioned anything about any of these allegations?  Not one?  Why would anybody expect a seventh FBI investigation to produce different results?  The truth is no one does.  It’s another stalling tactic.

And the “hearings” today?  A lot of Grandstanding by folk looking for material for their upcoming last-minute campaign ads (and more for 2020), but, again, nobody interested in the truth.  All they were interested in was making their speeches and playing politics.

And then there’s this.

Yes, I’ll say that Graham too is playing politics, but we could have used some of this fire any time in the past decade.  Any time would have been nice.

Frankly, I have very mixed feelings on Kavanaugh, particularly the logical twists he’s willing to engage in to try to argue around the 4th Amendment.  But at this point I want him confirmed.  I’ll just hope Trump nominates someone stronger on the 4th (as well as the rest of the Constitution and Bill of Rights) to replace Ginsburg.

And I further hope that Kavanaugh has a long memory of how he was treated when he’s sitting on the Bench.  But I expect instead of ruling vengefully he’ll rule according to the law and the Constitution. (And maybe he’ll straighten out on that 4th Amendment thing.)

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