New Dance Schedule for my Daughter.

My daughter’s dance schedule has changed, partly as she’s advanced in her classes.  She’s moving from “Beginner Ballet” and “Pre-Pointe” to “Advanced Ballet” and “Variations”.  She’s skipping over the “intermediate” because of scheduling.  Her instructor decided that, yes, she’d be behind the other dancers in that class but he had confidence she could catch up quickly.  “Variations” is a short class where they perform excerpts from classic ballets.

She’s also still taking “Lyrical” dance.

The good news is that this is the same total amount of class time each weak so the cost does not change.  The “just great” part of this is that all three classes are on Wednesday evenings.:

  • Advanced Ballet:  Wednesday 6:00-7:00
  • Variations:  Wednesday 7:00-7:30
  • Lyrical:  Wednesday 8:00-9:00

That’s a pretty long, almost solid block.  And it starts today.


One thought on “New Dance Schedule for my Daughter.”

  1. We decided to pull Little Britches from her bonus class. She has her regular class on Mondays (we moved her to the early class because the late class doesn’t give us enough time to get home, clean up, eat and do homework before bedtime). She has piano on Tuesday, and because they moved her bonus class to Tuesday she wouldn’t get out until late again. It’s too early in the week for her being up so late. She gets crabby and is in a bad mood all week, and then we end up fighting her all the time about every little thing.


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