Finally over.

Brett Kavanaugh is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.  Despite the lies (Ford might believe her story–I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt on that–other people “supporting” her knew full well that not one word out of her mouth that could be verified turned out to match reality, so there’s no “benefit of the doubt” for them) the vote for confirmation was 50-48.

Some on the left have broached the idea of impeachment.  They are delusional.  While it’s possible the Democrats may take the House in November (although less likely given the bridges they’ve burned here–their opposition is energized like it has never been before) there is simply no way they’ll get the 2/3 majority required for conviction in the Senate.

The irony, however, is that I was really not in favor of Kavanaugh.  His roll in creating the so-called Patriot Act which ran roughshod over the 4th Amendment was repellent to me.  I’d much rather have someone on the Court for whom the Constitution means what it says according to the meaning of the time it was written as amended with, again, each Amendment understood according to the language at the time each was written.  And if you want to change what it says don’t just declare (le viola!) the meaning to be different but properly amend it using the procedure detailed in Article V of the Constitution.

However, in the wake of the baseless accusations and the politics of personal destruction and intimidation used in an attempt to prevent his confirmation, I have given that further thought.  Yes, his position on the 4th is bad.  However, he’s replacing Kennedy who also voted in favor of the Patriot Act.  For that matter, even Scalia gave the Patriot Act the nod.  Thus, Kavanaugh was not a loss for us on that aspect.  He wasn’t the win I would have liked, but he wasn’t a loss.  We didn’t gain ground, but we did not lose ground on that aspect at least.  Since Kennedy was rather famous as the “swing vote”–you would often be able to predict four on one side, four on the other, with the overall result depending on which way Kennedy would go–it looks like, on balance, Kavanaugh is a net gain for those of us who favor following the actual Constitution rather than the imaginary version so beloved of so many politicians.

But the absolute last thing I wanted to see was this kind of…tantrum…to actually be successful, because as anyone who has raised children should no, that would only encourage them to do more of the same whenever they don’t get their way.

So I’ll take this partial victory.  Things could, indeed, have been much, much worse.


3 thoughts on “Finally over.”

  1. A loss here would have been terrible but what worries me is that this was just one battle.

    The war will continue and I suspect that this loss (for them) means that they’ll get even more nasty especially if the “blue wave” turns out to be a “red wave”.


  2. I wonder if this whole fiasco will have any effect on how many grains of salt Kavanaugh takes along with arguments from the Left.

    I think the Left set itself up for a major defeat when it mindlessly attacked Trump upon his election. If your side is retweeting #RapeMelania, don’t be surprised if #Melania’sHusband becomes less sympathetic toward your ideas.


  3. This is an example of Democrat Derangement Syndrome. We need to identify it, name it, and label those who suffer from it, so that they can cause less suffering to the rest of us.

    Romney also wanted Kavanaugh. I hope he becomes more conservative, and more anti-PC than he previously would of, but I fear he’ll double-think himself out of that by being overly scrupulous to avoid tainting his reasoned opinion with his disgust for the PC side.

    tiny typo on no>>know: “anyone who has raised children should no,”


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