Strange Things Happen in this World

A bit of a break from the politics and economics.

A friend of mine asked on another forum about people’s creepy/unexplainable experiences.

Mine wasn’t “creepy” per se but something I’ve never been able to explain.

Back in the mid 80’s I was in a martial arts class that was more fringe than most. (Never you mind what it was.) Weirdness and all, I got a lot of benefit out of it in a number of ways, but that’s neither here nor there.

One of the things they did was various “sensitivity drills” . There was a lot of mumbo jumbo to explain it which I won’t go into, particularly since I don’t particularly believe it. However the results of the drills could be interesting.  One of the drills had the people in the class form a loose circle about 15-20 ft across facing outward. The room was a rented school gym. The walls were painted concrete.  I mention that to emphasize that they weren’t something you can see a reflection in.  You’ll see why that’s important shortly.

One person stood in the center with a wooden training pistol. He was supposed to point it at people at random and focus “intention” on them. Whoever he was pointing at was supposed to feel the “intention” and pivot to face the guy with the fake gun.

So, there I was standing in that circle, feeling really silly. Then, without even realizing I’d move, I was facing the center and there was the guy with the gun pointing right at me.

To this day, I have no idea what prompted me to pivot at that particular moment. The usual stuff–seeing a reflection, feeling air movement from the center guy’s actions, catching the guy next to me turning out of the corner of my eye and simply being “next”–were all eliminated by the setup and situation. I just don’t know. Probably there was something “mundane” that explained it but…”there are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio…”

There have been other instances where I’ve made some instinctive sudden action that proved to be “right” for the situation where I had no idea what prompted the action.  Again, I suspect that the most likely reason is something I picked up on that just didn’t rise to the level of conscious awareness.

Whatever it was, it’s never been consistent, not something I could rely on.  Believe me, there have been times I could have used whatever early warning I sometimes got, especially that time a car pulled out while I… Yeah.  Could have used it but not there.

So, no real point here.  Just some musing on some interesting occurrences.

5 thoughts on “Strange Things Happen in this World”

  1. “Danger Sense” is a thing, and some of us have it in spades. There have been a couple of times I was about to walk around the corner of a building – I’d stop, adjust for height, and throw a haymaker around the corner instead. Connect with the guy’s nose, and hear the knife clatter on the ground right afterward.

    That’s just an example. But lemme tell ya, that “little voice” in the back of my head has been wrong enough times that I can count them on the fingers of one nose, so I will /always/ listen to what it has to say! It’s kept me alive far more often than I’d care to admit to…


  2. There have been studies done that show people are right about 90+% of the time when they think someone is looking at them, even when they are walking away. I can’t point to any of them right now but if you haven’t ever watched anything wiht Rupert Sheldrake or Terrence McKenna you might want to check them out.


  3. Killing intent – sakki – is totally a thing, as someone else noted above. I’ve had a few encounters with it saving my life. Probably my strongest encounter with that includes a moment of weird as well.

    I was out with a young woman who was a very good friend at the time, back in the Philippines. We were commuting back to my place, so we were waiting for a jeep or bus at a very, very busy intersection in Manila – for illustrative purposes, back then people wishing to alight onto a bus or jeep had to stand on the road proper, as sidewalks tended to be crowded with street stalls and hawkers. We were facing the traffic, keeping an eye out for a sign on the aforementioned vehicles to let us know which ones would be heading out to where we wanted to go, and happily chatting about a manga we both were reading when I suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of danger and that I should turn around NOW. I did so, so strong was the compulsion – and saw my friend with her hand outstretched, just as a bus cruised past barely a foot away – her palm out, as if to shove. She was startled, and clapped her hand on my shoulder and pulled me towards her, and then behind her, saying that she thought that bus had been too close. For the rest of the trip she was somewhat more subdued and wanted to get to my place quickly, making a point of putting herself between me and incoming traffic.

    As soon as we got home, she burst into tears, crying “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, oh God, I’m sorry I couldn’t fight it!” – startling both me and my mother. She said that while we were standing and talking away, she had a sudden chill, and the next thing she knew she was watching her own arm rise up and move to shove me into the bus, and that for her it seemed like time was slowed down – and that whatever had taken over was gleefully and maliciously anticipating the sight of blood. She said she was going NO NO NO NO but it was like she was a spectator in her own body – and the moment I turned, she felt whatever it was controlling her at the time be incredibly angry that I had noticed – and then she was no longer cold and time moved normally.


  4. I’ve remarked before that a lot supposed ‘spooky’ phenomena seem to stop when I am about, so I tend not to experience such. Now, that doesn’t mean I am completely unbelieving -there’s an awful lot that was missed for a long, long time as there was no means of detection, and much depends on detector sensitivity… and when thing keep on happening (and not just to The Granola Gang or such) well, “Gee, that’s funny” seems to be present. Also, it might be that I’ve been fortunate enough to have a Mostly Dull life and thus some Emergency Sensing has not fully developed.


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