So there’s this caravan of “refugees” “walking” from points south of Mexico to the US demanding asylum.

Here are a few:

migrants 1.jpg

migrant 2

You notice something odd about that mix?  Something missing in a group of refugees seeking asylum?  The vast, vast majority appear to be young adult men (one term is “men of military age).  There are a few women and children but most of it is young adult men in remarkably good condition for “refugees.”

But then, they have to be given what they are doing:

Migrant 6

migrant 3

“Peaceful refugees” seeking asylum–storming various borders along the way and crashing them by main force?  Something doesn’t jibe here.

Then there is what their supporters are up to back in Nicaragua:

migrant 7

Doesn’t everybody paint a swastika on and burn the flag of the country you are asking to help you?

And the marchers?  What flag are they flying?  Well remember that first picture?

migrants 1

And there’s this one:

migrant 5

Doesn’t everyone seeking a new life in a new country do so under the flag of the country they are fleeing?

Perhaps somebody should have told these immigrants:


When you add in the timing, it becomes clear this is no spontaneous assembly of the downtrodden seeking a new life in a free land.  This is a carefully orchestrated political ploy of people many of whom actively despise the country they are marching on.

The word for that is not “refugees,” but “invaders.”


4 thoughts on “Refugees?”

  1. I have been thinking this is another variant on the strategy previously mentioned (last few years) on Instapundit: “Cloward-Piven,” which proposed that the US system (mostly the “Entitlements” regime be so over-loaded that it would bring the entire system down, thereby opening the door to these revolutionaries to Take Over and install their dreamed-of Socialist System….
    In this case, it seems more intended to so stress the Trump determination to actually Defend The Border that he would give up, and thus those opposing him would have de-legitimized him, and he would be Neutralized for the remainder of his term…
    However… like the howling Mob that was “spontaneously” produced to climax the Kavanaugh confirmation, I strongly believe this will only stiffen the resolve of those who voted for him two years ago to Take Back this country from the Left and their SJWs….


  2. I was curious about the logistics of the caravan. How and what do they eat? I don’t see a lot of backpacks and luggage, nor do I see trucks. Even RAGBRAI has trucks following the bicyclists, with the cyclists camping equipment and clothes.
    My point is that this is not spontaneous, and someone is provisioning them. The press, however, seems uninterested in all that.


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