While I had been studying economics a lot recently I decided to make a shift to history.  I’m taking a biographical approach to history, focusing more on individuals and their lives rather than dates and events.  The latter certainly has it’s place but at the moment I want to see more about the people.

I’m starting with John Adams.  I developed an interest in him when I took an online quiz “which founding father are you.” I got “John Adams.” (Other times I’ve taken similar quizzes and usually get either John Adams or Patrick Henry.) I didn’t know much about John Adams at the time except that he was the second US President and a Federalist.  That was pretty much it.  Then I saw the Musical 1776.  The character of John Adams intrigued me. “You’re obnoxious and disliked, John.”

So far I’m only into the first chapter of McCullough’s biography (on audible during my daily commute and other drives) and, yeah, I’m seeing some similarities which would explain those “quiz” results (if they need explanation–they’re generally silly and worthy of no more than entertainment value), mostly in that we share some of the same weaknesses.

The audio book is long, about 30 hours.  As I note, I’m not far into it yet but so far it’s both entertaining and informative.  If you prefer to read rather than listen, it’s available in print and on Kindle.  (The cover image below is for the print edition, click on it to get the book in any of the available formats.)

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