“If You Don’t Like It, Move.”

People tend to get upset when you suggest that if they like a particular government or form of government so much that they should go where they already have it.  I can understand that.  It’s a lot of trouble to pull up stakes and relocate to someplace that would supposedly be more congenial.  Of course it’s also a lot of trouble to force the changes that one might want on the unwilling here.

OTOH, America was built on that very concept: ” if you don’t like it, move.” The Pilgrims wanted a place where they could raise their families without other religious influences (not for religious freedom–they had that in Amsterdam) so they moved.  Daniel Boone thought that Kentucky was getting too crowded, so he moved.  Other folk wanted a piece of land to call their own where they could build a life of their own so they moved.  Folk wanted economic opportunities they weren’t finding at home so them moved.

“If you don’t like it, move” is one of the foundations of American history.  Yet there is a problem today.  Today the folk more likely to actually follow that philosophy, the folk who want social and economic liberty, the folk who want to live and build their own lives with the minimal interference of government, don’t have anyplace to go.  There are no more frontiers into which they can expand.

Other folk, however, folk who want the government to “look after” them, can find endless examples of just what they say they want.  There are all sorts of options which have “government health care” and extensive “safety nets” and so forth.  But these same people, the ones who could find a “better life” in terms of what they say they want are the very ones who are the least willing to actually pick up stakes and move to where what they say they want is already available.

People have said to me “If you like guns so much, go start a country where they’re allowed.”  To which my answer of course is, “We did.  You’re the one set on changing that.”

Personally, I’d move in a heartbeat if . . . if . . . there were any place to go.

There. is. no. place. I. can. go.

Is it really too much to ask to leave one place on the planet where individual liberty, individual responsibility, and conservative/libertarian (small “l”) values are given more than lip service?  Just one?  Why are you so adamant to take away the last place on Earth where what I value is given any more than the barest lip service (and even that not much these days)?

Oh, some wags will give me a snarky “if you hate the government so much, move to Somalia.” However, what I want is a Constitutional Republic of sharply limited powers where maximum individual liberty is the goal and only such government as serves that goal.  “To secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” At no point in there did I say that I wanted to live in a failed state controlled by competing warlords whose power is near absolute within their particular territories and where I can be quite sure the “international community (read “France and Germany, mostly Germany”) would be sure to intervene to prevent me from actually doing what would be necessary to build the kind of state I want to live in.

Please, just leave me one place where I can live my life in peace.  Just one.

7 thoughts on ““If You Don’t Like It, Move.””

  1. The problem is also that the left insists on their rules being applied everywhere. California could be California and leave Kansas alone, but that it not good enough. The rules that Californians want must be applied everywhere. It is also why they freak out whenever a Republican takes office. The other party’s rules must now apply to them because they nationalized the debate.

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  2. Move to Texas…. I did, and it is free here, more than anywhere…. Weapons, Concealed Carry, and more… JOBS UP THE WAZOO!!!!I left the communist state of Illinois, and said screw it. My while family has moved out of there, who ARE conservative. The cost of living here is very inexpensive, and getting better every day.


    1. Weapons, Concealed Carry, and more

      Pretty much everything you say there applies to Indiana as well, plus lifetime carry license (we’re working on Constitutional Carry). A recent report ( https://www.freedominthe50states.org/ ) lists Indiana as #3 in overall freedom (combining personal and economic freedom) in the US. One might dispute the weightings they use for various elements in computing that overall ranking but it’s still close to as good as it gets in the US.

      That’s the problem “as good as it gets in the US” isn’t anywhere close to where it should be. And, there’s no place to go to get that “should be”.

      People who want socialized this and nationalized that and redistribute the other thing have endless options to find that in existing countries. Those of us who want a restricted government of sharply limited powers intended to secure liberty rather than trample on it? Not so much.

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  3. Here’s the fun part of the argument “Why don’t you move to Somalia?” Let’s say we did. And enough of us did to take over and civilize the place. Those same people would be shrieking about colonialism.

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  4. Heinlein once wrote (through the character Lazarus Long) that when a society had gotten to the point where people were required to have ID cards, it was time to go elsewhere. The benefit of [interstellar] space flight was it enabled people to go elsewhere.


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