Rest in Peace, Little Buddy

Kaiden, Albino Hybrid Hedgehog, December 2013 to January 15, 2019.  Feisty ’til the end.


Kaiden’s passing was no surprise.  He was old and had some severe health problems these last few months.  We hung onto him as long as he was willing to fight it out.  But when he stopped eating, it was time to go.

My daughter, Athena, was pretty broken up about it.  Recently, once we knew Kaiden wouldn’t be with us much longer, she had been talking about her next small animal being a ferret.

This evening, I suggested we visit the local pet store that has small animals and see if they had any “just to look at for now.”

Well, they did have ferrets. Athena, as I was more than half expecting, immediately fell in love. After much anguish over “which one, I love all of them” she picked one. And just under $300 later we have the ferret, ferret food, some toys for it to play with, and a ferret leash to take it on walks (weather permitting). Given that the ferret is still a juvenile on the small side, the hedgehog cage–after a thorough scrubbing and disinfection, including wipe down with bleach water–will do for the time being. We’ll get a more appropriate cage with plenty of play room for the adult it will become later.

And then we had to get a second one because ferrets, singly, get bored and destructive, can get depressed and it’s just not good for them.

As I expected, having not just one, but two new animals to care for and love has done much to lift Athena’s spirits. And, yeah, they’re cute little things.

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