Cover Reveal: Shiva’s Whisper

Coming soon.

shivaswhisper1b-new1 web.jpg

The Third Eres War is over.

Lieutenant Commander Nobuta Tanaka hopes to avoid a fourth. Working as the Military Liason at the embassy on the Eres homeworld, he aids in the delicate negotiations between the Eres and the Terran Confederation. Yet something strange is happening in Eres space. The Eres are almost too willing, even eager, to reduce forces along their mutual border, a willingness that sets some in the Terran High Command to look for the trap hidden in the Eres agreement. When Tanaka’s counterpart in the Eres government calls him in to deal with the case of a Terran freighter that had a run in with…something, something which made the freighter a very political problem for the Eres, Tanaka learns that the threat is greater than he knew.

As matters escalate, Tanaka’s superiors face the threat of war on a scale that neither humanity nor its allies have ever faced before. And while some seek to avoid a fourth Eres War, others are more than willing to fight a Final Eres War.

None of them imagine the true nature of the threat they face and by the time they learn, it may already be too late.

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