An Appeal

Copied from Sarah Hoyt’s page since the “reblog” button wasn’t working.  I agree with all of it.

To all my fans and friends:
I’m very careful about which gofundmes I boost. Usually only those of very close friends where I know the need is real.

Oleg is a very good friend, one who has helped me unstintingly when I was in trouble.

Furthermore, Gremlin, his cat, is more like a child or a friend or a brother of his than a “pet.” I’m not sure Oleg will be okay without Gremlin.

The bad news is Gremlin got out and got attacked and the wounds went septic. Gremlin is — quite literally — between life and death.

This is going to be very expensive — says she who once spent the 10k she’d saved for a car saving a cat’s life in similar circumstances — and freelance photographers are not great on STEADY income.

If you can at all, please help. And if you can’t help monetarily, keep Gremlin and his human pet in your thoughts/prayers.

This is the fundraiser for medical expenses.

Update:  Sad to say, Gremlin didn’t make it.  The fundraiser is no longer accepting donations.


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