4 thoughts on “Not One Dime”

  1. Don’t suppose you’ve written Trump about the potential outrigth ban on suppressors, asking him to change his mind and explaining why you’d think that it’s a good idea, have you?


  2. Dear President Trump,

    I am very concerned about the reports that you are going to ban sound suppressors for firearms. Suppressors are used by millions of Americans and Europeans to make shooting more fun and more safe. They reduce the amount of hearing damage that can be caused by shooting and they reduce the amount of noise that shooting activities generate for residents in areas around shooting ranges.

    Right now they are one of the most heavily regulated firearm accessories that you can buy. A decent suppressor costs around $1,000; the tax stamp is about $300, and a firearms dealer must process the paper work for you. This is not the kind of thing that the average criminal is purchasing and, if they are making them at home, a new law will not prevent them from doing so.

    I will also point out that suppressors do not resemble anything that is seen in the movies. The assassin killing someone with a gun that is completely silent is a Hollywood myth. Suppressors muffle the sound to the point where hearing damage can be significantly reduced, but gun shots are still readily identifiable as gun shots to anyone who has spent time at the range .

    This is another example of an effort by those who hate guns and gun owners to chip away at the Second Amendment. The ban on bump stocks was the first. I do not own a bump stock and think that they serve no useful purpose, but the ban was pointless. One person used a legal item for nefarious purposes and the full weight of the federal government descended on all the owners, mostly people who would never commit a crime and bought one as a novelty item. Now there is consideration to ban suppressors. Once again, one person may have committed a crime while using one and millions of people will suffer the consequences. The left will ban each and every accessory, one at a time, given the option, with each new ban advancing public acceptance of these limitations. They have done the same with individual firearms, demonizing a whole class of firearms, semi-automatic rifles, by inaccurately referring to them as “assault rifles”. Now, as they slowly have been losing that battle, they are focusing on accessories. Your statement and your actions are harming the Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms by legitimizing their attacks.

    The problem with mass murderers is the mass murder. There is something wrong with those people and preventing a free people from exercising their rights to self defense as Constitutionally guaranteed and in the manner that they choose is not the solution.


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