Illegal Aliens Again

When it comes to people illegally crossing our border there are several possible things we could do.

We could enforce the laws. Detain people caught doing so. Hold them while we process any claims for asylum (with two strikes against them to start because they didn’t present themselves at a legal point of entry nor at the first “safe” country from which they are fleeing to make their claim), and if found not to have a valid asylum claim immediately send them back.

We could change the laws. Throw the border open entirely. Let whoever wants to come here, come here. Let them work. Hell, let them vote if that makes you happy. Just change the law to reflect that. Make the activities you want to allow actually legal.

We can do some combination. Reduce restrictions on immigration and enforce the then reduced restrictions.

But our “representatives” in Washington, particularly those on the Left, don’t want to do any of those. No. They want to leave the law as it is, but not enforce it. They want people to not be seriously hampered in coming here but still want their presence here to be illegal.

In what system of logic does that make sense. I can think of nefarious reasons for wanting that, but I can’t think of any non-nefarious reasons.

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