“If You Think That Then…”

In the past I have addressed the idea of “if you don’t like it, then move…” For many people there are endless options of the government they claim to want.  For those of us who want to live under a Constitutional Republic honoring individual liberty with the rights of those individuals held sacrosanct there’s no place to go.

Still, when you suggest that someone should pull up stakes and move to a country more in line with their own claimed desires they get offended.  Okay, fair enough.

However, we also have this.  We have Ilhan Omar, an immigrant congresswoman, claiming that living in an “ugly” America is an “Everyday assault” and that this ugliness is “ingrained in America.”

Okay then, Omar, why did you come here?  This is more than just “if you don’t like it, leave.” You chose to come here.  There are 195 countries in the world.  One hundred ninety-four of them aren’t the United States.  Surely there were other options.  You came here.

Further, available evidence is that you married your own biological brother in an effort to allow him to come here as well.  While you might have had the excuse of not knowing what America was like before coming here, why you would do something like that after obtaining citizenship in the US?  Do you hate your brother so much that you wanted to inflict such a hateful place on him?

So why?  Why come here?   Why make the effort to bring your brother here?  Why, of your own free will, come to such a terrible place?  It’s not like you didn’t have other options.  Your brother, after all, was in the UK, not the US.  Surely the UK would have been an option for you as well and a much better choice than the US given your detestation of the US.  So why didn’t you go there instead?

I mean, I can think of reasons.  None of them speak well of you or your intentions, but I can think of them.  So, help me out here.  Why?  What possible good reason did you have to come, of your own free will, to a place that you detest so?



One thought on ““If You Think That Then…””

  1. Why did she come here? Why did her brother go to Britain? It’s simple. Her (and her kin’s) ultimate loyalty is family and clan. The concept of Nation State is utterly foreign, and their only concern is for their own well being and that of their immediate relatives, at the expense of whoever is foolish enough as to allow them to set up shop. They go to a place that offers plentiful goods and services, take them, despoiling, if you will, and then move on to the next place. If there was a comfortable Somali community in Canada where her family name would give her some benefits that outweighed what she was getting in Minnesota (prior to becoming an elected representative, the ultimate gravy train), she’d have pulled up stakes in a heartbeat, and moved on, like a locust, to the next food source.

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