“Why don’t You Just Move?”; A Blast from the past.

I keep hearing from people telling me “if you don’t like it, why don’t you just move?”

There’s just one problem with that.  For those of us who prefer limited government on Constitutional principles (as written according to the understanding of those who wrote it, and as properly amended not just redefined away), where could we go?  Short of building new colonies on Earth=like planets around other stars there is no place to go.

As Ronald Reagan put it in a 1964 speech:

The enemy he was referring to then, of course, was the Soviet Union.  That enemy collapsed 27 years after Reagan gave that speech.  Now it’s a new enemy or enemies, the rise of militant Islam is one threat.  The apologists who object to treating it like an enemy, much like those who did the same regarding the old Soviet Union, serve to heighten and extend that threat.

But in many ways we face a more insidious threat.  Many of the ideas the Soviet Union tried to spread to the US in its effort to achieve suzerainty still live on in the US.  They are propagated in the entertainment media, spread in schools and universities, often by people who are not even aware that they are Marxist/Leninist ideas.  Ideas like class warfare, the idea that someone who is financially successful is the enemy.  Ideas like zero sum economics so that the only way someone can have more is by depriving someone else.  The idea that those who seek wealth are “greedy” and unworthy, but those who seek power (so long as they are opposed to those who seek wealth) are somehow virtuous and good.

Got news for you, to paraphrase an ancient proverb:  Wealth might not always get you power, but power can always get you wealth.

And the folk fomenting that, those who want to turn the US into a carbon copy of Europe, say “if you don’t like it, go somewhere else.”

We did go somewhere else.  We came here.  Unless somebody develops true space travel there’s no place left to go.  In Reagan’s words, this is the last stand on Earth.

This, of course, is the point where someone suggests “If you hate government so much, then move to Somalia.”

Look.  A failed state broken into warring factions ruled by local warlords who are essentially absolute despots (until violently deposed) in their local authority is a far cry from a Constitutional government of limited powers with the rights of the people (actual rights not “whatever I want I have a right to and someone else has to pay for it” type “rights”) held sacrosanct.  Indeed, it’s a lot farther from that than the US is today.

Now, perhaps Somalia could be used as a starting point to make such a society, but the local warlords will not give up their petty fiefdoms willingly.  So such a transformation would not be bloodless.  And, not being bloodless, the international community would, with near certainty, take it upon itself to intervene and prevent the transformation.

So no, “going to Somalia” is not an option for those who actually desire a free society.

The same “there’s no place to go” can not be said for those who want European style socialism/social welfare.  Europe, after all, is right there.  It’s exactly what they say they want.  No transformation necessary.  If you’d be more happy in that system it’s there.  You can go there.  I would not deny you.

But you would rather stay here and deny me the kind of government that would make me happy.  Not just me, but a lot of other people like me.

It’s not that you want to live under the social, political, and economic system that pleases you that bothers me.  It’s that you want to force me to live under that system.  I can wave my arm indicating all the choices you have for your desired system.  You, and others like you, have worked hard through long years and decades to make sure there is no other choice for folk like me.

And that is why I will never stop fighting to leave at least one place in the world where Constitutional principles and individual liberty are given more than lip service.

4 thoughts on ““Why don’t You Just Move?”; A Blast from the past.”

  1. “Why don’t I move instead of you? Simple. You have options. I do not.”

    This was my answer to an exchange of “Why don’t you move, then?” “Why don’t /you/ move?!?”

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  2. The idea, I tend to tell people, is the reason why one moves to somewhere is because there is something about that place you like and want to enjoy while you are living there. This means that you do not bring with you things that will change the place you live for the worse, or change it in a way that will make it ‘no longer what I wanted.’

    The usual ones who scream that people should leave America because the screamer wants to transform it to something else, usually Europe or Canada, are ultimately the ones who don’t move, and excuse this inability by listing other financial priorities. What they do not understand is that immigrants, by dint of prioritization, place higher financial priority on ‘leaving for the better place’ than say, iPhones, or known comforts, and so on. Similarly, they also are unwilling to change themselves to suit the immigration requirements of the nation they idolize; usually skilled in some way, moneyed in some way, and so on. A great number of the ones I have encountered that do this tend to be jobless, bitter College Communists, who are Communist because their course in gender-bending studies and menstrual painting are not resulting in financial success. For them, it is much easier to change their local surroundings, and everyone else, than it is to change themselves, the lazy bastards.


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