A Modern Day Holocaust

Extremely short one today but this message is important to share.

China, specifically the Chinese Communist Party, is monstrous. Period.

I’m sure the Chinese people, like all peoples, have their good and bad individuals. But the CCP is pure, unadulterated evil–a term I don’t use often but which applies here.

3 thoughts on “A Modern Day Holocaust”

  1. Sadly, nothing new here. China’s one male child mantra for 2 generations has left them without enough women to propagate the population. dammit…


  2. True dat. As the great PKD wrote: ‘Evil is actual, like cement!’
    And to the Old NFO: Also very true. What I find more disturbing is the cult of polygamy in the middle east leaving hordes (word chosen with due care) of young men with no release in sight. It’s a Mose Allison tune, but most folks know the Who’s cover of Young Man Blues. ‘The old men got all the women. And the old men, they got all the money. And a young man? Ain’t got nothing in the world these days!’ (Cue Keith Moon). I was in my 40s before I realized that ‘sweet Fannie Adams’ was a genteelism for ‘sweet fuck-all’. Slow learner, me.


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