Goth on Ice: You Spin me Right Round, Baby

One of the two techniques I need to learn to complete “Adult 5” in the Learn to Skate USA progression is beginning two-foot spin. We worked on that in class a bit some time ago but I never really did anything with it in my practice time. Too busy working on other things. Well, this afternoon (November 14, 2020) I spent some time working on it.

First I tried turning to the left. Being right handed (mostly) that’s supposed to be my “natural” direction. That didn’t work well, so I tried to the right. That worked better. I found the same thing when working pivots some time back as well. I recorded the practice session:

If I counted correctly, I think my best in that set was 2 1/2 revolutions. If you can listen carefully, you can hear me say at the end of one spin “eyes open.” I had closed my eyes during the spin, which, of course, is a mistake. The main, persistent mistake I made though that is forward body lean. Not keeping my body straight throws off my balance and there we are.

It’s a perennial problem I have with all my skating. You can see it as well in today’s work with forward consecutive edges.

There was a bit of a false start there as a kid on hockey skates cut across my path. I did forward outside edges down (away from the camera) and forward inside edges back. I’ve done better than this session, but overall it is improving. But, as you can see, the forward lean is still an issue.

What the two-foot spin is supposed to look like:

What the forward consecutive edges are supposed to look like:

So, still a lot of work to do yet.

3 thoughts on “Goth on Ice: You Spin me Right Round, Baby”

  1. Nothing to do with the post (which I admit not reading, due to the title… will explain)..
    the title reminds me the tune that $SISTAUR Well And Truly Overplayed. When even declared it was done by “Dead or Something” (as in “..smells like it’s dead or something..”… and , yes, ages ago now… but the effect lingers. If I have ANY control over playback, the track is skipped, the station changed, the player shut off, whatever. It’s still “THIS DIES NOW!” I need a time machine and a bulk eraser.


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