Amazon Customer Service

I have Sowell’s “Vision of the Anointed” on Audible. I wanted a text copy for easier reference for blog fodder. Apparently there’s a “quality problem” with the ebook version on Amazon so it’s not currently available. I ordered the print version. Hit “one click” then saw the shipping address was to my home rather than work address (where I have most things shipped). Couldn’t change the shipping address so canceled the order and re-ordered with the correct shipping address. All fine, right?

Wrong. They shipped _both_, one to home and one to work. Both for the same day. So I get the one at work, get home and the other one is sitting on the porch (at least it didn’t walk away).

Fortunately, this being Amazon, there wasn’t a problem with returning it. Filled out the form online with “no longer needed” as the reason and an explanation of that they’d shipped an order I’d cancelled in the comment. The return options were take it to a Kohl’s or a UPS store (no charge) or have UPS pickup ($5.99 charge). The Kohl’s thing was new. Indeed, the whole thing was new compared to the last time I’d had to return something where I printed out a UPS label and it was up to me to get it into UPS’s hands (drop box, store, or hand it to a driver when I see him).

I took it to Kohl’s. Didn’t have to pack it or anything, just hand them the book and let them read the QR code in the email I got. By the time I got home, the refund was processed.

Very pleased with how this was handled. This is how customer service should be.

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