My Favorite Videos, a Musical Interlude

A good song, is a good song.  But when it’s paired with an exceptional video you can really make magic happen.

This first one is literally the first music video I ever saw.  The time was back in 1981.  MTV was just starting out and, yes, the “M” actually stands for “Music” and they played music and music videos.  We happened to have cable in the dorm where I was assigned for tech training in the Air Force and MTV was part of the package.  So this one gets extra points for nostalgia:


I encountered this one when I was home on leave (no cable where I was stationed).  The wistful nature of the video clips interspersed within the song intertwined with things that were going on in my life (or rather not going on in my life if you know what I mean) and so this one also gets a lot of nostalgia points:


Another “leave time” encounter.  This one was one of the first music videos I saw that actually told a story.  It was, in effect, a movie short.  And it really changed the face of Music Video to come, setting a new standard.  It was also when Michael Jackson was at his peak before he started getting…strange.

For some time I was assigned where there was no MTV and I had essentially no TV reception, so it was some years before I could check back in.  An then there was this one.  I really liked the concept and the early use of computer animation.:


Later there was this one from Robert Palmer.  At the time I thought it was hot. I still find it pleasantly steamy:


This one was actually released quite a bit earlier than the two above but I only encountered it later (perhaps on VH1–Video Hits 1–rather than MTV).  Loved the “story” in the video.  This song also was in large part responsible for breaking me out of the musical rut I was in.  I had largely listened mostly to “soft rock”, ballads, and pop(ish) stuff.  I had far to go yet in my musical awakening but this song set me on the path:


And now some stuff from more recent times.  In this one I’d heard the song long before I saw the video.  The song came across as a love affair gone sour (or perhaps had always been sour but the singer was losing her illusions about it).  The video gives it a different slant and does so brilliantly.  Both interpretations work.  Again, this one fit what was going on at the time.


I’ve been told “many, you’ve suffered trauma after trauma after trauma in your life.” Perhaps.  I’m lucky in that I don’t suffer PTSD from that.  I’ve got other problems, but not that one.  Still, other folk I know do.  That gives me a perspective to really appreciate the video here:


This is a fan video combining clips from various video games, but it is so very well done and so fitting that I just had to include it.  You can also see how far computer graphics have come since the Dire Straights video above.


And, to close out, as one of the various “others” referred to in this one, I had to include it as well:


And there we are, a few of my favorite music videos as videos (as opposed to just the songs).  Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.

One thought on “My Favorite Videos, a Musical Interlude”

  1. Music videos are an art form that doesn’t get nearly the respect that it deserves. The emotion that their visual bring to the music add so much to some songs that just hearing a bar or two of a song leaves me completely wrapped in the visual memory. My kids really hate it when something on the radio makes me leak tears!


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