My Rocky Personal Life

I’ve alluded to the rather significant issues in my personal life here (particularly the fundraiser for my daughter).  So, I’ll grab what “upsides” I can along the way.

This week I Broke 33″ on the waist (32 7/8) and I’m up to 50 push-ups and 50 of my sort-of wall squats (an exercise I do specifically for ice skating, a half-squat I do standing just in front of a wall, not leaning against it but using it to ensure I keep my upper body straight upright),  50 second squat and hold (same kind of wall squat), 50 regular squats, and a 50 second “Planking”. I think with the new year instead of simply pushing the reps on my daily exercises I’ll add higher intensity versions of several of the exercises and try the same progression with them, adding one rep per week. One leg squats both my sort-of-wall-squats and regular ones will match what I need for some of the things I’ll be learning as I complete the “Basic” series in Learn to Skate, and maybe one-armed pushups.  Start with one each arm/leg daily the first week, add one each week, and see how far I can go.

Examples of the kind of things I’ll need the one-legged squats for:

The above is a “Basic 6” technique.  The next one is a considerably more advanced technique, but again shows why being able to do one-legged squats:

Still, even without the future plans 50 push-ups a day, most days (M, T, Th, F), with Tabata air squats on Wednesday and ice skating on Saturdays and Sundays is pretty good.

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