Some Really Follyful Ice Follies.

I don’t care what spell check says. “Follyful” is totally a word.

This is pictures mostly today.  Yesterday, I was back at the rink.  My daughter and I had finally gotten back to the ice after having skipped the previous week for reasons.

I asked my daughter to get some pictures of me on the ice.  As it happened, she got the pictures while I was doing a lap doing Forward Swizzles. (Local class calls them “fishies” for the kids.) That’s a technique that looks like this:

So, here was what I looked like doing it:





Looking at the pictures, I noticed a couple of things.  One was that I leaned a bit too far forward while doing the technique.  The other was that I had my hands too low.  Instead of being out mostly straight at shoulder height, I had them closer to waist height, spoiling the line and the inherent grace of the movement.

I didn’t just do that technique.  I also did some work on the circle, this included forward inside and outside edges, and backward pumps on the circle.  The latter move is supposed to look something like this:

I ran into trouble was trying to do a two-foot turn on the circle.  That’s where you skate forward on the circle, doing a two foot glide around, it with bent knees  You then rise up to unweight the skates a bit, and pivot from the waist down so that instead of skating forward, you’re now skating backward.

The usual problem I’d been having with that technique was dragging too much during the pivot. Most of that, I think, is a matter of finding a “sweet spot” in the rocker of the blade.  Missing that sweet spot, the drag basically pulled me to a stop, so I was facing the other way but not actually moving.

Well, yesterday, I tried.  Came to a stop as had been happening, but then, just when I thought to get going to tray again, my skates went one way, I went the other, and then there was no direction but down.  Whacked my elbow on the ice.  I was pretty much done for the session at that point.  The result was this huge lump on my elbow:


Ice and compression reduced the lump dramatically be the evening session so I was able to go back.  Evening session I was wearing elbow pads and, frankly, I need to make a point of wearing them when practicing.  Given my tendency to crack my elbow when I fall, and knowing that as long as I’m learning I will fall from time to time–that’s going to happen any time you push limits and you have to push limits if you want to progress–pads are a good idea.  Might want to add knee pads as well, although I seem to be less prone to impact injuries to my knees than to my elbow (and it always seems to be that one elbow.

The thing is, I’m wearing a knee pad on my arm right now and it seems to fit.  I measured for knee pads for the knees and the “large” sizes I’m finding readily at Amazon are supposed to fit a thigh something like 15.7″ around–two inches too small to fit my thighs.

In any case, I’ve at least got the elbow pads in my skate bag.  That, at least, I can protect going forward.


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