The Car Stereo Odyssey


A while back I’d bought a new stereo for the Explorer–something that can “talk” directly to my phone to replace my kludge of a phone via Bluetooth to an FM transmitter then the FM transmitter to the car stereo. Took a bit to figure out the tools and equipment I needed to install: dash kit for a “double din” system, plus adapter for an Explorer with Premium Sound.

So far so good. I get everything together, wire up the adapter to the harness provided by the radio manufacturer and…dead. Won’t turn on. I double check the wiring (pretty straightforward match wire colors on radio’s harness with adapter’s harness). Good. Check continuity through all the wires with a multimeter. 0.1 ohm in each of the connections.

Oh, I also check the voltages reaching the radio (sticking probes in the back of the plugs while it’s all hooked up with the car running. All correct there too.

Since it was bought through Amazon and it turns out that Amazon has support for the unit. So I get onto chat with them. They give me some things to try. Nothing.

Next step, then, is to go to the manufacturer. They talk me through a couple of the same things, but since I’m getting power from the car to the unit, not turning on means unit’s dead. So they send me an email to get an RMA started. I provide them with proof of purchase (Amazon order number) and shipping information. They agree to send the replacement in advance so long as I send the old one back within 10 days of receipt of the new one and they have a cc on file in case I don’t. I should get an email in a couple days, they say, with tracking information for the new one.

Couple more day pass. Get an email. Not shipment advice with tracking information. No, “the unit you bought has been discontinued. We’d like to substitute this one instead, please respond if that’s okay. So I respond that yes, it’s okay.

Couple more days pass, which brings us to today. “That unit is out of stock. We’re trying to with one of our partners at Amazon to get you a replacement product. Any tracking information will come form an amazon e-mail and…

…you should receive the product on 12/24/19.

You can believe as much of that as you want to, I suppose.

2 thoughts on “The Car Stereo Odyssey”

    1. Actually, it was delivered today. I need to clip the wiring harness adapter (the Ford side) from the previous one to use it with the wiring harness (Radio side) on this one before I can begin the actual physical installation. However, I’ve got a new story that’s this -><- close to being released so that's what I've been working on tonight.


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