So, the other day, a group of terrorists launched an attack against our embassy in Baghdad.  In response, Donald Trump ordered immediate military support of the embassy, Osprey tiltrotors loaded with 100 marines plus their gear, with many more “on deck” if needed.

In addition, he attacked a site where terrorist leaders were clustered and from which the attack was being commanded.  At this site was located Qassem Soleimani, a major general in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (a “regime protection” force–similar in role to the NKVD in the former Soviet Union or the Geheime Staatzpolizei in Germany under the National Socialist German Workers Party) and the head of Quds–basically, their state-sponsored terrorism force.

In short, he was Iran’s head terrorist and chief of terror operations.


People went nuts.

We had the following:


And she went on to say:


This, this right here, is why you really can’t expect much from people who play pretend for a living. (In case you don’t know, McGowan is an actress, most notably as Shannon Daugherty’s replacement on the TV Series “Charmed”.

Let’s review the situation.  An attack was launched against our embassy.  That right there is an act of war.  It was an act of war when Iran attacked the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979.  And it was still an act of war when Soleimani orchestrated the attack against our Baghdad embassy the other day.

Soleimani wasn’t back in Iran setting policy.  No, he was out in the field, in Iraq (when, as it happens there is a UN resolution calling for him not to leave Iran–a resolution in which he was in violation).  Basically, he had set up a field command post in Baghdad (and in case you missed it, Baghdad is in Iraq, not Iran) from which to conduct an attack against the US embassy.

Whatever his official rank he was acting as a field commander operating from a forward base being used to launch an attack against the United States.  You don’t get a more legitimate military target than that.  If Donald Trump were to shake off his protection detail, use his authority as Commander in Chief to take command of a company of Marines and personally command an attack on a foreign power in the field, that field command would not suddenly stop being a legitimate target because a person of that rank made the foolish decision to take actual tactical command in the field.

But, folk say, this attack will make Iran angry leading to them retaliating.

Please note, that the attack itself was a retaliation.  They attacked us.  They didn’t even attack a military target but a diplomatic one–an embassy, not a military installation.  And they’ve been doing it for decades.

  • Embassy takeover and hostages 1979-1981
  • Lebanon suicide bombing 1983
  • Mining the Persian Gulf 1988
  • Truck bombing in Saudi Arabia 1996
  • Shiite militia attacks in Iraq 2003-2011
  • Attempt to assassinate Saudi ambassador in the US 2011
  • Bomb plots against American business interests in Nigeria 2011-2013
  • Attack plots in the US by Iranian backed Hezbollah agents, 2017
  • More attack plots against the US in 2018
  • And now we have this attack against the US embassy.

All the stuff that people are wringing their hands over?  Iran has already been doing.  To our good fortune, they’ve generally been rather inept at it.  Unfortunately, if you throw enough fanatics at an issue you’ll occasionally have a big success.

And, frankly, they are lucky that we haven’t decided to play by their rules.  McGowan’s egregious nonsense about “terrorist nations” aside, if we did play by their rules, Iran and anyone supporting them would be a smoking ruin in short order.  We don’t play by their rules because we are better than that.  But a lot of people are getting a lot angrier about the continued terrorism.  And sooner or later we’ll get angry enough to throw the rulebook of “civilized” war aside.

So you want to play?  Let’s play.  I’m your Huckleberry.


2 thoughts on “Iran”

  1. Remember the story about the guy who paid an obscene amount of money for a banana duct taped to a wall? The reason he did it was to broadcast that he had enough money to waste on such silly art, an act of conspicuous consumption.
    The oikophobia of the Left is similar. It’s a type of luxury belief system, a signal that they are rich enough to indulge in utter ridiculous nonsense without effect- or they are trying hard to ape others with those beliefs.
    As per Uncle Screwtape’s advice, the great victory of the Left is via making their tripe ‘cool’ and fashionable over logical. Most of those tweeting stupid things have never ever ever put any thought into what they are yammering out to the world. They just think it’s cool.

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