Something Cool at Ice Follies.

Had a kind of neat event yesterday, up here at the local rink. The new round of classes was starting and one of the coaches mentioned that they had like 26 kids in the “Snowplow Sam” class (that’s the class for children 5 and under). They’re always shorthanded on coaches so I offered to help if they needed it. “I’m not exactly an instructor but I’m an extra pair of hands and an extra pair of eyes.”

They grabbed onto that really quickly. So I ended up out on the ice during the first session (my own class is in the second) helping to give young kids their very first ice skating lesson.

From a different series than I usually use for examples–one more appropriate to the kiddos.

After the classes were over–both the one I helped with and my own (got my two foot turn pretty good and actually started working backward edges on the circle–just had time for one attempt, about a second, at the very end of class) I told the coach I had spoken to before that if they ever needed a hand I’d be more than willing. She said “We always need a hand.”

Oh, that backward edge on ice?  That looks something like this (although much better than I did):

So I guess I’m now involved in volunteer teaching of the kids right alongside my daughter. 😉

And that, my friends, is cool.

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