Rough Lately, but…


Things have been kind of rough lately.  Other posts go into some of the reasons why.  Other reasons, well, they’re not my story to tell, or not entirely anyway.  So, I’ll grab what positive news from my personal life that I can.

On that note, I note that my weight has been hovering around 200 lbs. It’s dipped below that a couple of times but not consistently…yet. OTOH, my waist is down to 31 3/4 pretty consistently. Looking in the mirror, I’m starting to see some separation of my muscles, particularly in the forearms and less so in the thighs. But the thing I note most is that I’m starting to see just a hint of separation between the sectors of the abs. It’s nowhere near anything anyone would call “washboard abs” but there’s a bit of hint of it. So the electronic “smart scale” with the app set to “Athlete mode” and giving a reading of 18% body fat is probably about right.  I seem to be in the ballpark judging by the pictures up top.

BMI is wonky.  29.7 which is at the very high end of “overweight” and just shy of “obese.” I should note that my best ever weight, when I was bicycling 1-4 hours a day, six days a week (training for competition), was about 170.  My sister on a visit back from college, asked my mother “what is he doing to himself?” apparently thinking I was bordering on anorexic.  Nevertheless, that would still have classed me as “overweight” according to BMI.

And people use that as some kind of judge of healthy weight?  I don’t think so.

4 thoughts on “Rough Lately, but…”

  1. Keep it up. I just started intermittent fasting which I am finding really easy. That is on top of lifting twice a week and martial arts twice a week, which has been my schedule for a while, as well as low carb eating (which I am doing a better job of over the past six weeks). I am down 13 pounds over the last three weeks or so with 17 more to go. Shooting for 200 even. Last time I was at 200 my mother made the same sort of comment, that I looked “gaunt”. BMI charts for me say obese at 175+. LOL. Haven’t been there since the 10th grade when I was running 25 miles a week.


  2. BMI is a joke. Supposedly, I was “obese” at my fighting weight – 6’3″, 275#, 7% body fat, and a 30″ waist.

    BFA is a better measure of physical condition than BMI – BMI takes no account of body composition, bone density, muscle density, &c.


    1. Oh yes. If one goes only by BMI, at 5′ 1″ and female, my ideal weight would be between 100-105 pounds. I lift weights, and have a very heavy bone structure. My real ideal weight is closer to 130-135 pounds.


      1. Exactly. I’m “supposed” to weigh 192-195#, as I recall.

        I look skeletal under 200#! I have heavy bone structure, high muscle density, and I cannot float (even in salt water!) Even at 275#, most people figured me for 220# or so. Twelve years old, I was 6’1″, 225#, and about 8% body fat.

        At least I was only considered “overweight,” not “obese.” But the BMI tables seemed like a joke even then (35-odd years ago.) The story has not improved with retelling…


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