Still Trying to Get my Daughter a Service Dog

First off, let me once again thank everyone who has helped with this fundraiser. We continue to make progress toward the goal. Every little bit helps.

Athena continues to work on the issues left behind by a life of trauma. She also, is making progress. Some of these things, however, will take years. And some will probably be hiding in the wings, waiting for an opportunity to pounce if she’s not careful, for the rest of her life. But we cope and she works hard at it.

Above are some pictures she asked me to post that she drew of Dango. On that note, one of the things Athena is trying to do, in the effort to both be self-supporting and also to use her considerable artistic talent, is to become a tattoo artist. We found a shop owner that is willing to take her on when she turns 16–just a few days away now–but the problem is that apprenticeships are not cheap. Most of the money is just to set her up with her initial equipment and supplies and only a modest amount for the actual training. That’s separate from this fundraiser. We’ll work something out. And, really, we can’t do anything about it until the current pandemic “crisis” dies down.

So, once again, I ask folk to help however you can, whether it’s donating or even simply spreading the word. Any help at all will be greatly appreciated.




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