“The Boys”

I’ve been watching a lot of Amazon Prime stuff of late.  Currently watching “The Boys” on Amazon prime. After Carnival Row (where’s the rest, damn it) and The Expanse (ditto), the trailer for this one drew my attention. Queen Maev stopping an armored car by standing in front of it and letting it ram into her from behind, wrapping itself around her. Very cool visual and very “super-heroey” (shut up, autocorrect, that is totally a word).

So, I started watching.

Oh, deconstructing superheroes. Gee, it’s not like Miller (The Dark Knight Returns) and Moore (Watchmen) haven’t done that. Four episodes in and, so far, there’s really only one character I give a rat’s patootie about: Starlight. Hughie is, I think, the character we’re supposed to sympathize with and follow but…too much of an idiot, IMO to be terribly sympathetic to me. Okay, yeah, his girl getting killed (near the beginning of the first episode so I don’t think that counts as a spoiler), could explain the “stupidus maximus” but he just doesn’t sell that as a reason behind his actions terribly well.

So far, not impressed. I’m currently partway through ep 5. Will give it a couple more to see if if picks up. And I’ve only gotten that far because of a strong strain of “what the hell; I’ve got nothing better going on.”

So far…not recommended.

3 thoughts on ““The Boys””

  1. Oh, another deconstruction of silver age superhero tropes. How utterly original and groundbreaking.
    Maybe they could also introduce a wise cracking, 4th wall breaking smartalec who knows he’s in a superhero show, and makes constant cracks about it. That would also be utterly original and groundbreaking too!

    But seriously, John Milius once remarked that being cynical was easy, but it was hard to be corny. Which is why Batman is easy to film, but Superman films tend to suck- they just can’t bring themselves to make something true to the character.


      1. It’s funny- the director had to fight hard to make something that wasn’t full on 60’s Batman cheesy.
        Mr. Reeves nailed the character perfectly in a way that the others haven’t.


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