Thank You, People of the Left: A Blast from the Past.

With everything going on from the disconnect between “going to church is bad and will kill us from COVID” and “massive anti-police protests are good; don’t worry about COVID” to actual insurrection (a group seizing territory and declaring itself independent of law and government) I have to see the silver lining and that silver lining is all the usual suspects spinning everything as all coming down to “Orange Man Bad.”  And so, as I said a couple of years ago:

People who know me know that I did not support Trump before the election. Given his history I didn’t believe his conservative rhetoric. Even in the campaign he threw five, arguably six, of the Bill of Rights under the bus and showed no signs of interest in restoring those that have already been stomped into the ground. Not even Hillary had a worse record than that on the issue that’s most important to me. So, I fully expected him to turn around and govern from the Left–worse, I fully expected the disaster that would follow from that to be attributed to the Right (leftists have done that before).
I am on record as saying that I was wrong. He did not live down to my fears. And I have never been so glad to be wrong in my life. (Well, maybe the time I lost control of a motorcycle at 100+ MPH and thought “I’m dead” as I went over the handlebars–walked away from that one.)
But I wonder why he so thoroughly rejected his history. Did he actually have a “Road to Damascus” moment sometime before running? I don’t know. But I can’t help but wonder if part of the reason isn’t the way the Left has gone so utterly batshit insane on the subject of Trump. Where the author of “The Art of the Deal” might well have been willing to “make a deal” they were so utterly opposed to anything with the “Trump” name attached that they didn’t just burn any bridges, they burned them with nuclear fire, leaving nothing but scattered elementary particles.
If so, let me give my thanks to those on the left. Thank you for your inarticulate screams of rage. Thank you for your pussy hats, your riots, your claims that anyone who supports Trump a “Nazi” or “Nazi Sympathizer.” Thank you for your marches and your safe spaces. Thank you for your demands for counseling because of the PTSD you got from seeing a pro-Trump message written in sidewalk chalk. Thank you for your faked hate crimes.
And thank you for a government shutdown because you wanted to ensure benefits for non-citizens who are in the US illegally and that was much more important than the actual citizens of the United States.
Thank you.

One thought on “Thank You, People of the Left: A Blast from the Past.”

  1. To be honest, I didn’t vote for Trump (neither did I vote for Hillary – ugh! – or anyone else on the slate. I wasn’t sure who to vote for, so I went with my default position in that situation – I voted for myself. I found out after the elected that I had garnered eight votes for President…) but I must admit, I have been pleased with his performance in office. It is entirely possible I will vote for his second term – which is extremely unusual, since my /other/ default position is to vote /against/ the incumbent, unless their performance in office has been truly stellar (I’m not sure that I’d call his performance “stellar,” but he’s been handed crises and has performed quite well under pressure – from the whole SARS-CoV-2 thing to spending the first three years in office fighting his own impeachment – being too busy doing that to correct issues his predecessor left him holding the sack on…)

    For someone who has been a New York Democrat prior to being elected to office as a Republican, I’m suitably pleased (moreso because I align with neither the Democrats nor the Republicans – I’m socially liberal, fiscally conservative, and politically “get the Hell out of my way already!”) I still think there are things he /could/ do to win hearts and minds among myself and my colleagues; but he’s been too damned busy dealing with Democrat partisan bullshit, if you’ll pardon the turn of phrase. This impeachment was a joke, especially considering he was elected the /first/ week of November 2016, and the impeachment effectively started the /second/ week of November 2016. The Democrats wouldn’t even let him take office, first.

    Being President of the United States is a tough enough job. I’ve met two men who were doing it at the time, and they were bearing up well under the pressure – they still had the respect of the people working for them. (Ronald Wilson Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush, if you’re curious.) Things I’ve read about the Clinton White House and the staff under them? Whoo – I’m amazed everybody didn’t just walk out at regular intervals! I wonder how things were under Bush 43 and Obama… But being President as Trump – a political outsider – and constantly dealing with the infighting from the other party? He beat their impeachment, and I read that they’re talking about trying to impeach him AGAIN! For what – jaywalking? Y’only get one bite at the apple, kids – you knew it, you blew it, now do the job we’re paying you to do.

    Or sign your paycheques over to the IRS to go toward paying down the Public Debt. At least that way you’ll be doing SOMETHING useful with your time…


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