Goth On Ice: Was the “Ice Follies” Series of Posts

Rebranding these a little bit.

Had some good progress on the backward edges.  Here’s a video of one set from yesterday’s workout:

Sound is turned off because I kept getting “copyright notice” from YouTube because of the background music playing at the venue.  So…just shut sound off.  This was not my best set of the day, just the one I recorded.  Even so, it represents a big improvement over where I was just a few weeks ago.

Folk who know ice skating might note that I’m doing the “back to front” two foot turns wrong.  In the front to back (what I do at the start to turn around and start going backward around the circle) you turn to the inside of the circle.  That was also what I was doing going back to front.  I learned in today’s class that I’m supposed to turn to the outside of the circle in going back to front.  So all the practice I did on that:


Too bad because I was actually starting to get it.  Oh, well, next time I’ll see about getting it right:

Today’s lesson, the last in the 8 week session (I’m already signed up for the next session starting next week) was interesting.  I worked with a new instructor I’d never worked with before. As it worked out I ended up having her to myself for the class once we were done warming up.  Now note that I’m still kind of shaky on those backward edges.  So what does she have me do?  She has me working backward crossovers:

I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to do it.  Unsteady and terrified of tripping myself, but I did do it a little bit.  Now need to practice it.

Not satisfied with pushing my limits with those backward crossovers, she said “Have you tried Mohawks.”

Why, no, as a matter of fact I hadn’t.  So for the final few minutes of the class that’s what we tried.  It did…not go well.  She claimed I had basic motion down and just need to develop confidence and stability at it.  Practice.  Practice.  Practice.

I’ll note that the Forward Mohawk is not included in Learn to Skate USA’s “Adult” progression.  It is included in the “Basic” progression (that taught to students 14 years of age and younger) at level 6, the final level before moving on to “pre-Free Skate”, so this is an advanced technique for where I am right now.  Still, since I’m hoping to go on to actual figure skating, getting this and other skills that are not part of the normal “adult” curriculum is a good thing.

The big thing, however, was the level of condition I’ve been able to achieve in the last two months.  With the Winnie the Flu shutdowns I wasn’t able to get on the ice for several months and that caused me to lose a lot of conditioning.  I’ve been working on it and have gotten back to where I was and then some.  Yesterday, in the afternoon session, I skated for a good, solid hour.  Then, in the evening session I did another forty-five minutes.  Looking at an online calculator it looks like I burned about 1200 calories from ice skating alone yesterday.  Today, I did 45 minutes in the public skate session, then an hour during “Learn to Skate” time (the half hour practice time before my class, then the half hour of the class itself).  The pre-class practice and the class time was somewhat less intense than yesterday’s skating–slower, more breaks to listen to instruction, focus on technique rather than skating briskly around the rink), but was still a substantial workout.

I realized yesterday that it would probably be a good idea to adjust my diet on the weekends to take into account the dramatically increased activity level on those two days, in particular making sure I get a bit of extra protein (since your body really can’t store that for later use) on those two days.

All in all, I am quite pleased with my skating this weekend.

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