Well They Seem Nice

Short one today. Saw this on FaceBook.

Reeducation camps “like China”. Banning voting for people over political views. Elimination being “over-egging the pudding.” (You’ve heard the term “damning with faint praise”? Well, this is the converse.)

And they have the gall, the gall, to say “Trumpers are not Americans.”
If these folk actually _win_ the election we’ll be armpits deep in blood before we’re through. It’s no longer a matter of “Oh, we lost this time. We’ll try to figure out how to win next time.” It’s a matter of “we lost to folk who want to destroy us and our line, render us extinct.”

That never ends well. Crack open a history book.

10 thoughts on “Well They Seem Nice”

  1. Are they really stupid enough to think that us “evil” gun-owning Trumpsters will stand by and let them do that to us? [Puzzled Look]


    1. They expect it to be like Gettysburg writ large: Us on one side of the field, the military (which of course will be on their side because the military is nothing but mindless Myrmidons who simply follow orders of whoever’s “in charge”). But the military has all their tanks and planes and artillery and nukes and stuff and all we have are our “silly little AR15’s. So of course we’ll be too cowardly to actually fight under those circumstances so we’ll just have to peacefully surrender. And if a few crazies do fight, well, again those tanks and planes and artillery and nukes will make short work of them.

      Yes, they really are that deluded.

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  2. History. We’ve fought revolutions before. We’ve left for greener pastures before. Which will it be?
    It doesn’t take much of a drain of thinkers or investors to cripple a country. France with the Huguenots, Germany with sane people, Connecticut today. FDR worried about a capital strike. Flight would have been a real problem.


    1. There really isn’t anywhere else to flee to this time, though. Pretty much every other country on the planet is even more closely controlled by their respective governments than the already too-heavy hand of the US government. Reagan wasn’t exaggerating when he called the United States the last, best hope for mankind.


  3. And they have the gall, the gall, to say “Trumpers are not Americans.”

    This is the same side that tries to get people wearing American flag shirts kicked out of voting areas, because wearing the nation’s flag clearly means that they’re partisan for the party that Trump is a member of.


    1. I do admit to being tempted to wearing my plain red ballcap to vote today. No text on it, but you know someone’s going to do a second look, if for no other reason than the rules disallowing campaign material in the voting area (including ballcaps).

      I was with my mother to help her vote, though, and didn’t want to stir up anything with her around.

      (Fairly “red” part of SC, mind you.)

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    1. I have been registered NPA my entire adult life. Sure, I don’t get to vote in primaries for some odd reason, but I view it as a sort of “escape clause” for all the partisan nonsense. (And any election/political material that shows up in the mailbox gets thrown in the bin out of hand. Unless I’m in a home with a fireplace, then it gets thrown in the tinderbox…) All I’ll refer to is either the official Elections Board material or my own research – I’m not going to listen to attack ads and “Ain’t I great?” circulars.

      Considering what I see of the paper bins around here, it seems that many other people feel the same way. I wonder why campaigns bother with the mailers anymore?


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