Fisking “If Undocumented Immigrants are Freeloaders…”

This “meme” showed up in my feed on the Book of Faces.

Amazingly, everything it says is wrong.

First, let’s start with the conditional clause. No, ICE doesn’t “always” raid workplaces. That may be all the “meme” creator hears about (and somehow I doubt even that–the truth is generally not in them) but that’s not all they do. they raid flophouses. They pick up individuals who are reported to them. They sometimes even get involved when an illegal alien (let’s use the correct term rather than the soft-pedaled politically correct nonsense) is arrested for some other crime. (“Other” because violation of our immigration laws is a crime. Thus “immigration law.”)

So, no, they don’t “always raid workplaces.” Even when they do, that does not prevent the folk being taken into custody from being some form of freeloader.

Illegal aliens do not have authorization to work in the US. They do not, indeed can not, have valid social security numbers–required for any job in the US. Thus, they are often paid “under the table.” This means”

  1. They are not paying taxes, not income taxes, not social security taxes, not medicare taxes.
  2. Their employer isn’t paying “employer contribution” to things like Social Security, Workman’s Comp, Unemployment insurance, etc.

But wait, there’s more. Since they don’t have any officially identifiable income, it’s not uncommon (not universal perhaps; I wouldn’t try to claim that) for them to also collect government benefits, “double dipping”, as it were.

They send their kids to public schools. Now, public schools are largely paid for by property taxes, rather than income taxes and the owners of whatever property where they lay their heads at night do pay those taxes and it becomes part of whatever rent they pay so I’ll give them that. However, since they have no “official” income (see “under the table” above), the kids qualify for free school lunch programs, which is largely paid for by those of us who do pay income taxes etc.

Many do not have health insurance, so what do they do? They use Emergency Rooms as their primary care provider…and don’t pay. Want to know why medical care, and hospital care in particular, is so expensive? That’s a big part of it right there.

The make use of our infrastructure, paid for by tax dollars you and I pay but they do not.

So, even if they’ve got their little under-the-table paid job, they are freeloading off of things the rest of us pay for but they don’t. So, the “meme” is wrong from start to finish. And yet, strangely enough, the Book of Faces does not bother to “fact check” it.

I guess some facts are more equal than others.

27 thoughts on “Fisking “If Undocumented Immigrants are Freeloaders…””

  1. *to meme*
    “Because you jackasses make it so hiring illegal workers for half of minimum wage and dodging their employment taxes is worth the risk!”


  2. On property taxes– those “flop houses” that they sometimes raid are usually rental properties.

    ICE raids them because the local police cannot/willnot enforce normal occupancy laws against them.

    Likewise trespassing, harassment, vandalism and those annoying anti-“party” regulations.
    To the point I’ve seen folks get away with problematic parties by talking to the cops in Spanish when they show up.

    I legally should’ve been kicked out of my apartment when I gave birth, because it was legally only for 2 people. (the complex wiggled it under “infants” being legally defined as not counting for habitation in some other regulation, so it was defensible)

    There were folks who had … we’ll charitably phrase it as “a lot more” and all adults. But I’m legal, so I had to follow the rules.


  3. Many do not have health insurance, so what do they do? They use Emergency Rooms as their primary care provider…and don’t pay. Want to know why medical care, and hospital care in particular, is so expensive? That’s a big part of it right there.

    When our daughter was born, the nurses couldn’t stop talking about how I was the first birth ‘that year’ where there was a name, with matching insurance, and a husband, and …. k, stripping all the stuff away, the first non-illegal.

    We were also the first ‘that year’ (I choose to believe fiscal year) where the mother didn’t vanish after the birth. We actually paid for the entire (complicated) birth. It took a long time, and yes they gave us an interest free loan, but we paid for her.

    Daughter was born at the end of the year…..


    1. I’m so glad none of my pregnancies were complicated enough to land me in the hospital. Not only do I prefer the kind of care I get from midwives, but also it was so cheap compared to a hospital birth.


        1. Damn! I hope you were both fine afterwards! I always chose a midwife close to a hospital just in case of an emergency. I lost a lot of blood when my first was born. It was a close call, but my midwife got the situation under control.

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          1. Good enough they neglected to mention the part where I’d almost died, and I only found out after we moved and my new doctor was irate I hadn’t told him about it. 😀
            (That first baby was nearly a dozen years, and was the first of a half-dozen thus far. 😀 We seem to have recovered….)

            A good, experienced midwife is worth her weight in gold– I have a couple of relatives that are at least getting up to worth their weight in bronze, if not gold. 😉


              1. If you bled heavily, it means your midwife mismanaged the afterbirth. And if you hemorrhaged with pregnancy one, that made you high risk. Your midwife should not have allowed a homebirth for baby two.
                90 percent of womencould deliver alone in the woods with no problem. But in ten percent problems occur, sometimes quickly. You can lose mother or baby.
                Ignorance is bliss.


              2. I hemorrhaged immediately after my baby was delivered. I was in labour for 34 hours, but made the choice to stay at the birth center. I never did a home birth. Always in a birthing center. My midwife did really well actually at getting the bleeding under control. I moved to Germany after my first, so I had new midwives for my next 2. I told them about the bleeding and knew the risk, which is also why I chose midwives close to hospitals, just in case. But my second and third were born without any complications whatsoever.


  4. So if “all they do is raid businesses ….” Why aren’t those businesses shut down? Why aren’t the employers stomped on for hiring illegal aliens? Why are they allowed to continue with their operations? Why aren’t they using E-verify to check for eligibility?


    1. @steve:Why aren’t the employers stomped on for hiring illegal aliens?

      Because it is not illegal to hire illegals. It is illegal to refuse to hire them. You cannot legally refuse to hire someone because they might illegal or because you think their documents might be fake. The law says you MUST hire them and if there is anything wrong with their paperwork all you can do is ask them to sort it out. You may NOT fire them.

      Why are they allowed to continue with their operations?

      Because they have followed employment law.

      Why aren’t they using E-verify to check for eligibility?

      a) You cannot legally use E-Verify until AFTER you have hired the employee.
      b) If E-Verify cannot confirm eligibility, it is perfectly legal to continue to employ that person, and this is explicitly in the E-Verify manual.
      c) E-Verify by design does nothing. It’s possible it deters illegals from applying, but it does nothing to remove them once hired.


  5. They do not, indeed can not, have valid social security numbers–required for any job in the US.

    Mostly they use fake ones, and so they do pay taxes and have SS and Medicare deducted. It all goes under the wrong SSN but the IRS looks the other way. Fake documents don’t have to be very sophisticated because it is illegal for an employer to reject documents under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

    Most people don’t know this, but as an employer you are not allowed to refuse to hire someone you think might be illegal. You must hire them first, and then submit their paperwork. If the paperwork comes back as not able to confirm that they are authorized to work all you can do legally is ask the employee to sort it out. If you fire them on that basis you have violated Title VII of the civil rights act and the Federal government will help that illegal sue you.

    E-Verify changes none of this. The manual for E-Verify explicitly says that an employer has the right to continue to employ someone whom E-Verify cannot confirm is authorized to work. Wonder who slipped that into the law?

    Many, if not most, employers who have illegals working for them are doing so within the law. If you find that hard to believe, the thing you are missing is that the laws are designed to make no sense and be unenforceable. Canada, for example, has real laws about illegals working and so illegals are nearly unheard of in Canada, since they cannot prove they are authorized to work and hence are not allowed to.

    Think about it: if every gas station can scan a card or read a chip and be reasonably certain you are not using a fake credit card, then why does your SSN not work the same way? Because no one in government wants these laws to have any effect.

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    1. In my experience you can’t just put a random string of numbers even one that fits certain required “patterns” (first set tracking to a region, for instance) without the system kicking it out. “Fake” usually means “stolen.”

      As I point out in another comment (and have noted elsewhere) apparently those in power want people to come to the US, but only if they do so illegally. I can’t think of a non-nefarious reason why that might be. Can you?

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      1. you can’t just put a random string of numbers… without the system kicking it out

        Right, the system kicks it out, and then nothing whatever happens to that employee. His employer gets a notice to inform his employee there is a problem he needs to sort out, and the employer is breaking the law if he does any more than that. With E-Verify, the employer explicitly has the legal option to continue employment.

        The IRS notes that yet again 123-45-6789 is being used, but does nothing further with that information.

        If a real SSN was stolen, the IRS usually keeps the associated withholding etc separated from the legal taxpayer whose SSN it is (usually pretty obvious, for example a lawyer in Massachusetts probably does not have a side gig picking apples in Washington State.). If they get mixed up, of course it’s on the taxpayer to sort out.

        I can’t think of a non-nefarious reason why that might be. Can you?

        Moronic convergence. Big business types like labor that’s compliant and relatively inexpensive, and the bleeding hearts like having more clients (and eventually loyal voters). Both sides conspire to keep the laws toothless. Changing legal immigration rules gives the whole game away and busts up the nice little scam the Swamp has going.


  6. I live in an immigrant city in liberal Massachusetts. I hear it everyday. The females gets pregnant young. She gets free housing, free food, free medical, phone, utilities, etc…. She tells the welfare office she does not know where the father is. But really he is living with her. Landlords don’t say anything because they just want their government rent check mailed to them on time. Use to be 47% of the country lives off the other taxpayers, what’s going to happen when that number climbs higher ? 51%….55%….60%…..?

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    1. It’s almost like illegal aliens are a mix of things. You have some who are “illegal” through honest mistakes. An example was my ex–we filled out her paperwork and sent it to the address on said paperwork. Only the correct address to send to had changed between printing of paperwork and our mailing it. Paperwork vanished into limbo and her student visa expired and… You have some who work under the table undercutting the somewhat inflated (because of government hoops one needs to jump through) market rates for the job done legally. You have others who just collect welfare. You have some who work under the table and collect welfare. And you have some who strive to live as honestly as they can aside from the fact that they are not legal residents. It’s not all one thing. This is why silly things like the “meme” that prompted the post are so easy to refute.

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  7. I have pointed out before (either on this blog or elsewhere) that we see the argument made that folk entering the US illegally is understandable or excusable because it’s so hard to get here legally (never mind that we accept more immigrants, legally, than the next two nations, and half of the third, combined). However, the people saying that never seem to do anything to make it easier for legal entry which would solve that problem.

    And so, we have folk who apparently want people to come here and not just come here but come here illegally. I can’t think of a non-nefarious reason why that would be. Perhaps the failure of imagination is mine. Perhaps someone can suggest a reasonable, honest, reason why someone would want people to come to the United States, but only if they break the law in doing so.

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    1. I agree with you on the nefarity of the reasons.

      However, the one thing I can think of that some have been duped into, is the idea that it’s only some modern idea (interestingly these people are usually progressives) to actually enforce borders. And it’s a kinda right, but largely irrelevant, argument.

      Irrelevant largely because those earlier countries not enforcing borders weren’t welfare nations, nor were they republics of free people. A king is more than happy to have more subjects, usually (and he can usually weed them out pretty easily if he starts feeling corwded). Citizens is a different story. (Witness Rome’s restriction on who was a citizen, and how it affected Paul’s rights and privileges.)


  8. Just to play devils advocate… 😈 Everything taxed thing they pay for, such as purchased goods or services, amounts to taxes being paid… technically. Although, I have no idea what those taxes are being used for.


    1. Those taxes go for roads (gas tax) and welfare (of various sorts) and foreign aid.
      Oh, and boondoggles for politicians and fences around the “People’s House”.

      And, of course, it’s only part of the taxes citizens pay.


  9. I believe the portion that are working under the table is vanishingly small. Just google the IRS’ “Earnings Suspense File.” This is where they deposit payroll tax contributions where the SS# and name do not match. Each year it amounts to several billion dollars.

    All employers have to do is file a completed I-9 (INS form) for each employee. They can put 123-45-6789 as their SS. Or they can buy somebody else’s # for $50. Or they can buy a legit, matching pair (name & number) for about $250 (and then be able to avoid the ESF and also collect benefits later on in life using that fraudulent identity).

    I read somewhere Coyotes charge about $3,500 these days to get smuggled across.

    If you pay an employee “under the table” you subject yourself to jail time and thousands in fines. Or you just fill out the I-9.


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