“How Would You Feel if…”

So Biden has a meeting with Putin on the subject of cyberattacks:

In a conference afterwards, Biden said the following:

“I looked at him and I said, ‘How would you feel if ransomware took on the pipelines from your oil fields?’ He said it would matter.”

Seriously? This is an argument that Biden chose to make?

Look, let’s suppose for a moment that Russia really was behind the cyberattacks in question. This assumes facts not in evidence, but let’s presume it for sake of argument.

How would Putin feel if this were done to Russia? Would he feel angry? Probably. Frustrated? Probably, especially if there wasn’t anything he could do about it. What about the Russian people affected by such a cyberattack? They’d be hurt in many ways. Might Putin be saddened by the harm done to the Russian people? Perhaps.

Does Biden think Putin doesn’t know this? He set off an attack against the US (remember, we’re presuming that for sake of argument) and didn’t know it would hurt and anger people? They’d be all happy about it?

Or maybe that it would hurt Americans and anger and frustrate American “leadership” (well, it says “leadership” on the label anyway) is exactly why he would do something like that. He has thought about what it would be like to be on the receiving end. That’s why he would do it in the first place (again, presuming for sake of argument).

I see the same thing in certain anti-bullying memes. “The person you called fat is struggling with…” “The person you did this to had that problem.” All this is supposed to make the bullies feel bad and stop bullying. The problem is that bullies. don’t care. Well, they “care” in the sense that such things are exactly why bullies choose their targets in the first place. The person struggling with depression who, therefore, doesn’t engage his or her peers and thus has no circle of friends? Doesn’t matter to the bully. All that matters is that someone is vulnerable and weak and therefore a prime target.

There problems make them hurt more? From the bully’s perspective that’s a plus. They want their target to hurt. Other stuff that increases their pain is just an added bonus. The whole point of an attack is to hurt the other guy. That’s why they call it an “attack” and not a “fluffy bunny.”

Appeal to “feelings” is stupid in schoolyard anti-bullying campaigns. And it’s criminally irresponsible when it comes to international politics.

One thought on ““How Would You Feel if…””

  1. Oh, FFS. Is it any wonder I can’t stand to listen to that senile old bastard speak? Take the typical idiot on the left, throw in senility, stir widdershins, and you get Joe Biden. Ugh.

    Hey Joe – you don’t say, “These systems are critical and should not be attacked” to other world leaders. You tell your own people, “These systems are critical and you WILL make them harder than the hinges of Hell by next Monday, or heads will roll. After you do that, you will have triplines set to catch anyone /trying/ to get in, and hackers on duty to back-hack the hackers and shut ’em down, after finding out where they are. I suggest you start your recruiting from Anonymous – if you can get some of those guys to put on white hats, you’re on the right track.

    “THEN, you wait and LET some idiot try to break in, locate him, and cook his hardware for him. Let all the magic blue smoke out of all of his components, melt down his display. Turn his whole setup to slag, and let word get around that THAT happened, and we’ll get security by reputation once that happens three or four times. That’s no reason to let up what we’re doing, we just won’t have to pounce on people as often (but I expect you to pounce on any attacker HARD when one crops up. If two or three converge on him, just make sure you have the staff to deal with more. Use the Pentagon’s guidelines – they say they should be able to fight two Major Regional Conflicts and still have enough force to fight two brushfire wars – and win all four.)”


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