Fisking A Socialist Meme

The original version of the image had a caption that socialism works so well that people build boats out of trash to cross shark-infested waters to escape it. But the Socialist Party had to try to respond. As usual, they do so badly thus:

  1. America has more people than Cuba. Ohio alone has about as many people as all of Cuba, plus we have 49 other States. Of course we’re going to have more people in poverty in absolute numbers, that’s before counting:
  2. “Poverty” isn’t some fixed value across all nations and regions. It’s a sliding scale relative to local standard of living. A person “in poverty” in the US would be “incredibly wealthy” in, say Rwanda, and “comfortably middle class” in much of Europe. What counts as “poverty” in the US, isn’t “poverty” in Cuba.
  3. Funny how the people keep running away from these other places to the US, which the meme would have you believe is actually worse than the places they came from. and..
  4. Also funny how the meme basically admits that socialism is too weak to stand up to competition from capitalism. They would have you believe that capitalism, that feeble, ineffectual, economic system, is able to run roughshod over all these socialist paradises.
    1. Oh, and lest anybody think this is entirely one-sided, I’ve crossed swords with supposed ardent capitalists who moan about competition from socialist economies because they don’t have the strength of their convictions either (the other guys use slave labor? Well, so what, from an economic point of view? Slave labor is less efficient than free, so what they’re doing is leaving potential economic output on the table, reducing their overall capability, in order to gain an advantage in one small sector. They’re strangling their own economy for the illusion–and that’s all it is–of some kind of “economic victory”.)

Once again, the Left can’t Meme.

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