Goth on Ice: Ouchies

Next eight week block of ice skating classes starts tomorrow. One of the things I wanted to do today was make some videos of where I stand in a few key elements, things I need to get down before I’m ready to move up to “Pre Free Skate”, to provide a benchmark to show progress as the class goes on. Unfortunately, things did not go as I’d hoped.

First, I did some work with spins. The element I need to get is “two foot to one foot spin”. Here’s a video of some of my practice:

It’s not the best I’ve done, but it gives me a starting point. And as I progress I’ll be able to see that I’m more stable into it.

The next thing I wanted to do was do some spirals past the camera, followed by some lunges. Lunges are a required element in Adult 6. Spirals are not, but they’re taught to the younger skaters and, so, are part of the preparation before going into the Free Skate (actual, bona-fide figure skating) series. However, as the video shows, things did not go well:

First, as I crossed the field of view, I did fine. Not getting enough “lift” in the free leg but that’s a matter of building flexibility as well as strength in my back and glutes. Coming back the other way, however, was another matter. Just before I reentered the field of view on the right, I caught my toe picks. Somehow, I was able to prevent myself from face-planting (a reason you really don’t want to catch the toe picks in this element) but I overcorrected and ended up falling backward, as you see in the video. My toe picks got stuck in the ice again and I hyperextended the ankle.

I don’t think I hurt it too badly. After picking myself up and shutting off the video I did a slow lap of the ice and the ankle was stable. A little sore, but not too painful. Still, I decided it was better to call it a day there and not risk possibly injuring it further.

Once I got home I pulled some additional layers of compression socks over my foot, to provide some additional support and pressure on the ankle to help head off any swelling. I also got ice on it. Right now, it seems a little sore but, again, stable. So, I’ll be going into class tomorrow and seeing how it goes. I’ll be taking it easy and ready to call a halt if there’s any problem at all.

Yes, it’s frustrating to be sidelined for injury, but there will be other days to skate and taking the time to heal is better than risking more serious injury that could really take you out.

The thing is, falls happen. There’s really no way around it. As I tell others when it seems appropriate: when you stop falling, you stop learning. And that, certainly, is very much the truth.

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