When the Demons Come: A Musical Interlude

I haven’t done a musical interlude in some time. This one is going to be a bit different.

I’m mostly pretty satisfied in my life. I’ve got a generally pretty good life. I’ve got a good job, a reasonably nice house–plenty for my needs. I’ve got a wonderful daughter. I’ve got activities that I’m passionate about. On the whole, it’s pretty good and I’m reasonably happy…most of the time.

But there are times, in the still of the night, when the things I don’t have start to loom large. It is then that the demons come and (jokes about “making friends with them so now they fight my enemies” aside) I have to fight them off. Part of that is a playlist I have for catharsis because sometimes you have to bring things to a peak in order to break through beyond. As the guy said in the movie Deathgasm (a fun little movie) “It’s like when life sucks, and you feel alone and empty. You stick on some metal and life is better, because somebody else knows the pain and the rage that you’re going through.”

It’s not just metal. And it’s not just goth. The playlist covers quite a bit of territory. Here’s a selection. (The whole playlist is 50 songs long–so far–so I’m obviously not going to put the whole thing up.)

And a special 11th one:

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