Goth on Ice: Introspection.

One of the things about the skating is that I don’t really have what one would call a talent for it. I have a love for it, which inspires me to work hard at it, but not really a talent for it. I struggle with things that come a lot more quickly and easily to other skaters. Things like bone structure, innate balance, kinesthetic sense, and a whole host of variables matter for something like ice skating.

But that’s fine. It’s not like I’m aiming at Olympic glory or anything like that. If nothing else, I can show folk what they can do without talent, just through effort and persistence.

And so, I go out there and I skate and I learn and I (slowly) get better. And I have fun doing it–even if I’m sometimes hampered in language by the presence of children in the rink. (It can be bloody frustrating when you catch you toe picks and hit the ice hard on a technique you’re supposed to have down.)

Sometimes it seems that I’m progressing backwards, getting worse, unable to do things that I just did. But I get back out there and try again. And, in time, it gets better.

And then the technique that was giving you so much trouble “clicks” and it’s like the whole world has opened up. Second best feeling in the world.

So go and do thou likewise. It doesn’t have to be ice skating. That’s my “challenge myself to be better” thing. But find something. It’s worth it.

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